Whether you’re relocating to a new city or just moving down the road, what’s the number one thing you’ll need? Moving boxes, lots of moving boxes. But before you settle on using just any box you can, let’s look at 5 tips for choosing the right boxes for moving.

Inspect them Properly

Avoid stopping by your local grocer or discount store to scoop up their boxes. They’ve come into contact with food and sugary liquids, meaning you risk bug infestations being carried into your new home. that’s not a housewarming gift anyone wants.

Think about Buying New

Seriously consider buying brand new corrugated moving boxes. Not only are they unused, they’re often more capable of handling your moving needs than the ones you’d find in grocery stores.

Use More than One Size

Supply yourself with boxes of various sizes. You’ve heard the expression before but, size matters, and it matters a lot.

Small boxes are perfect for books, collectibles, action figures and more. They can handle the collective weight of smaller items, as long as they’re taped up properly.

Medium boxes are great for gadgets and items found in your kitchen, bathroom and various drawers around the house. Fill them with plenty of packing materials to keep things from colliding with each other.

Large boxes are ideal for comforters, pillows, lamps and other bulky or hard-to-carry items. They won’t stress the box, and they won’t harm your back.

Don’t forget wardrobe boxes, too. A reinforced bar lets you hang dresses and suits so you don’t have to spend time folding and unfolding clothing.

Divide and Internally Conquer

Packing fragile items like glasses, vases or heirlooms? Internal corrugated dividers will keep everything separated, and mailing tubes can be used to house special glasses or cutlery. Use extra void fill like bubble cushioning or packing paper to protect things even more—and put your mind at ease.

Grab the Right Supplies

Make sure you have the right moving supplies on hand. You’ll save time, frustration and your back.

Packing Tape will keep those boxes properly sealed—the last thing you want is the bottom falling out while you’re walking up the stairs!

Labels & Markers make it easier to remember what’s in a box and where it goes in the house. If you don’t have labels, grab a marker and write on the box itself.

Bubble Cushioning wraps up glasses and fragile items so they don’t get scratched or cracked. Stuff extra handfuls of bubble or packaging foam into the empty spaces in boxes to protect everything from each other.

Hand Trucks & Carts move your boxes and furniture around quickly and easily. They’re essential for saving your legs and back!

Using the right boxes for moving can be the difference between a bad move and a great one. The Packaging Company is always here to help with the packing materials and supplies you’ll need to make your move go swimmingly. Happy Packing!