Custom packaging is a boon to any business that uses it, including yours. It’s an opportunity to build not only a brand’s personality, but a connection to your customers. But it can seem like there’s a high barrier to entry since some places demand high order minimums or charge an excessive premium. Plus, there’s the actual designing of it. If you don’t know how to create custom packaging, who can do it for you—without a heavy cost?

That’s where The Packaging Company comes in. Our order minimums are designed to get you into the game, even with short-run packaging, and you’ll find costs that work well with your business intentions. And did we mention you can design custom packaging without paying for designers or other programs?

Sounds good, right? We thought so too. Let’s get you started.

How do you create custom packaging without expensive design programs?

You visit the Custom Shop right here at The Packaging Company. Every one of our custom packaging options has a free and easy-to-use online packaging design tool. They’ll help you create the kind of custom packaging that grabs everyone’s attention—and you won’t need design experience or expensive design programs to do it.

Custom Boxes

The standard brown box is the staple of the industry. But when every box looks the same, it can be hard to stand out. So, we’ve developed two custom box designers that’ll let you create boxes that’ll never get lost in the crowd again.

Custom Colour Boxes

If you’re looking to create boxes with precise dimensions or a flood of colour, these are the custom boxes for you. They’ll create the solid foundation of a packaging strategy you can top off with custom packing tape or a custom printed label.

You get to choose the exact quantity you want, dictate the exact sizing you want (down to the quarter inch for length, depth and width), and choose from pre-set colours for both outside and inside the box. Pricing even updates for you in real time, so you know what you’re paying—and how you can save even more per box.

All it takes is a few numbers and a few clicks and you’ll be onto checkout in no time.

Try out custom colour boxes now in the Custom Shop.

Custom Branded Boxes

If you prefer a show-stopping custom box, decked out in logos, photography and text, custom branded boxes are the choice for you. Even if you don’t add any other custom options to your packaging strategy, these boxes will say it all.

The online design tool, with just a few clicks, lets you choose from pre-set box styles, materials, sizes and quantities. We’ll even show you how to save even more when you’re adjusting quantity. From there, you get to create your custom boxes as you see fit. Flood them with colour, decorate just a few panels, add text, upload graphics and even add pre-built stock artwork.

Try out custom branded boxes now in the Custom Shop.

Custom Tissue Paper

Turning your customer orders into unforgettable unboxing experiences is as easy as using custom printed tissue paper. Wrap it around your product, secure it with a custom label, and you’ve got something your customers won’t soon forget.

Using the online custom tissue maker, you simply upload your logo or graphic of choice (for best results, try to use something that’s just one colour, high resolution and not too intricate). Then you choose a pre-set pattern, adjust sizing and rotation, and select your colours (you can use up to two—one for the logo, one for the background).

Once everything’s perfect, simply proceed through checkout and we’ll do the rest.

Try out custom tissue paper now in the Custom Shop.

Custom Tape

If you’re into minimalist custom packaging, then custom printed tape is for you. A strip of well-designed tape is all it takes to dress up a standard brown box and elicit serious excitement from your customers. Don’t believe it? One of the world’s biggest online retailers (you know who) does just that and it works out brilliantly.

The online custom tape designer is full of tools that’ll help you bring your design to life. Add a background colour for edge-to-edge coverage, add messaging using the text tools (and fine-tune things until they’re exactly as you want them), upload your own elements or pre-made designs, and take advantage of the pre-built stock artwork gallery.

Your design (made in either a 6” or 12” block) will be repeated across the entire length of your tape, giving it a seamless and engaging look.

Try out custom tape now in the Custom Shop.

Custom Labels

Custom packaging on a budget? Totally doable thanks to the versatility of custom labels. They can brand an entire shipment, hold folded tissue paper closed, label a product, and do lots more.

Just like with custom tape, the custom labels online packaging designer is stuffed full of tools that’ll bring your design to life. You start by choosing from 6 label shapes, select a label size (don’t see the one you want? drop us a note!) and then get down to the fun stuff. Choose a background colour, add text, upload your own artwork and sample the stock artwork gallery.

All labels come wrapped around a strong inner core that keeps them clean, organized and primed for use in a label dispenser. If you’re doing lots of labelling, you’ll want one of those. Trust us.

Try out custom labels now in the Custom Shop.

Custom Mailers

Sometimes you’re not looking for custom boxes. You’re shipping items that are small, flat or narrow—or have their own dazzling packaging. Custom mailers are an effective way to grab attention during delivery without having to build an entire packaging strategy.

If you’ve created custom tape or custom labels, you’ll find the custom mailers packaging designer is built in much the same way. You choose a mailer size, set your quantity and start designing the good stuff. Use a background colour, add some text, upload graphics and test out the stock artwork gallery. You’ll have some sharp looking custom mailers for your shipments.

Try out custom mailers in the Custom Shop now.

Custom branded packaging isn’t just for the big guys or the guys with know-how. Whether you’re just starting out, or doing a packaging refresh, you’ll find what you need waiting for you in the Custom Shop.

Using our powerful yet easy-to-use online packaging designers, you’ll create custom packaging without the need for design experience or expensive design programs. You’ll simply have custom packaging that’ll delight your customers and make everyone ask, “how’d you do that?”

Stop by the Custom Shop today. We can’t wait to see what you create.