When you’re a chef (or a foodie), you’re always striving for the perfect pairing: 2 delicious morsels that go well together and bring out the best in each other. Maybe that’s wine and cheese, or a cheeseburger and fries, or a medium rare steak and a salad… and whoops, now we’re hungry.

The packaging world has its own perfect pairings, too. So many in fact that it’s hard to choose where to start. So, let’s start with one of our favourite matches, which just happens to be in the realm of custom branded packaging. Here’s a little bit about custom colour boxes and custom tape and why they go together so well.

Custom Colour Boxes

Corrugated boxes, especially of the natural kraft variety, are the most commonly used shipping cartons in the world. That means most shipments out there end up looking the same—kraft corrugated box after kraft corrugated box after kraft corrugated box. This phenomenon is so ubiquitous, it’s often referred to as the sea of kraft—so, it’s obvious why you’d want your shipments to stand out. Custom coloured corrugated boxes are the way to do it.

Starting with 3 distinct box styles, our custom colour boxes have your shipping needs fully covered. The standard RSC (regular slotted carton) is suited to shipping most any item, the attractive FLM (front lock mailer) is great for presentation and unboxing, and the interesting EFM (easy fold mailer) is perfect for shipping flat or narrow items.

A variety of stunning colour options add some serious style and flair to your shipments. And whether you flood the box in vibrant Ladybug or rich Deep Sea, each colour comes with a varnish finish.

Best of all, you can colour the inside and outside of your coloured shipping boxes differently. Make unboxing memorable by using Licorice outside and Aqua inside. Elevate your shipments—while saving your budget—by using Orchid outside and Kraft inside. The choices are exciting, and they’re all yours.

Custom Tape

Next to corrugated boxes, packing tape is one of the most essential packaging supplies out there. Without it, your shipments aren’t going anywhere, and without quality packing tape, your shipments might not survive their trips. So, once you’ve got your tape and it’s doing the job, you might be feeling that “what’s next?” itch. And custom printed tape is just the thing to scratch it.

Adding printed graphics to your shipping tape brings you into the custom packaging game. You’re now participating in marketing, branding and advertising, all at once. You’re grabbing customer attention, promoting your business, and making competitors envious.

So, you’re protecting your shipments and building your brand. Seems like a win-win, for sure. But there’s one more (unexpected) thing to consider that makes custom printed tape a win-win-win: brand reputation security.

When you use regular packing tape, it’s tape that anyone can use. That means the less respectable among us—package-tampering thieves—can get into your customer orders. They can root around, steal, and then just re-tape it to look like it’s not been touched. Your shipments get to the customer, they’re furious, and you’re left with the blame.

But when you use custom packing tape, no one else has that pattern to use. It’s designed, produced and supplied exclusively to you. Those would-be thieves have no chance of replacing damaged custom tape—and while it may not stop all those low-brow people, it’ll deter enough of them. It may cost a little more than unprinted tape, but it’s safe to say that custom tape is worth the investment.

Custom Colour Boxes + Custom Tape = A Perfect Pairing

Coloured corrugated shipping boxes are a stylish upgrade to your packaging strategy. And custom or coloured shipping tape is a highly effective form of branding and advertising. So, what happens when you put them both together?

It’s a look that’s hard to beat (and hard to forget!). In a time when consumers are buying more online than ever before, and more boxes are arriving at their doorsteps than ever before, the pairing of custom colour boxes and custom tape is going to stand out among the rest of the kraft-coloured packaging. It’ll grab a customer’s attention, burn itself into their memory, and make them smile. See? It’s perfect.

It’s also simple but winning style. That’s an expression you often hear when it comes to fashion, and it applies just as well to a custom packaging strategy. A corrugated box covered in 1 single colour—without any text, graphics or photography—is a simple, bold statement of “look at me!”. Decking it out in 2 strips of custom printed tape is the perfect topper, the finishing touch that completes the look.

Done right, custom packaging can elevate your brand and its products above your competition. Custom colour boxes and custom tape are like the perfect pairing for your packaging strategy—they’re great on their own, and even more brilliant together. Be sure to try our online packaging designers and see what they can do for your branding. The Packaging Company is your custom branded packaging partner.