Packaging is important, that’s for sure. Without it, there’d really be no way to reliably ship something without it suffering damage (or at the least, mistreatment). But custom packaging adds a second dimension to your packaging choices—that is, it can look good and functional at the same time.

But that’s not the end of it, either. In the push to better care for the planet we’re all living on, a third packaging dimension has entered the fray: sustainable packaging. It’s packaging that in some way lessens or manages its effects on the planet, and much like custom packaging, has become vitally important to business owners and customers in every corner of the world.

It’s completely possible to have packaging that’s protective, good-looking and eco-friendly—but you’ve got to do your homework first. That means looking at the materials and processes used to bring it to life, determining how eco-conscious and sustainable they are, and deciding if that’s good enough for your business goals and values.

In the case of custom packing tape, we’re happy to cover what it takes to create a packaging supply that is functional and strong, branded and unique, and of course, eco-conscious and sustainable. And the best place to start is with the tape itself.

What kind of material does TPC’s custom packing tape use?

Our custom packing tape starts life as water activated tape (which means the adhesive needs water to start working). The style we use features two layers of paper (also called liner) with a layer of fiberglass strands sandwiched between them. Once you wet the adhesive side and apply it to a corrugated box, it starts bonding the paper of both packaging supplies together.

Once fully dry, this bond adds strength and support to your shipments (and the fiberglass reinforcement adds even more!). It also can’t be removed from the box without ripping both the tape and box itself—this is an ideal security feature, as it’ll tell you (and your customers) if someone tries to tamper with what’s inside. All these features come together to create one of the best tape choices for e-commerce businesses, and that’s why we use it as the base of our custom packing tape.

How is TPC’s custom packing tape a sustainable packaging supply?

As you can see, the components used in custom packing tape have been chosen to make it easily recyclable. Your customers don’t even have to peel it off—they can simply toss the box in the recycling bin and go on with their business. The tape’s choice of water-based adhesive (instead of the usual starch or chemical base) also means its easily biodegradable if you so choose.

And while its printing inks aren’t derived from soybeans (like the printing inks used in our custom tissue paper), they are polymer-based, making the tape liner both deinkable and repulpable. So, while you’re creating custom tape that serves your brand and impresses your customers, know that the tape you’re designing it on is a reclaimable and sustainable packaging supply.

Buy Custom Packing Tape from The Packaging Company

Creating your own custom packing tape is so much easier than you think. All you need is your logo (or any other graphics you want to use), a little imagination, and the free and easy-to-use packing tape designer you’ll find waiting for you in the Custom Shop.

Start with a 6” or 12” pattern size, choose a background colour (or not—the default will always be a white background), and get to exploring the simple but powerful tools in front of you. Upload your logos and images, add customizable text, and take advantage of the pre-made graphics in the Stock Artwork gallery (you can even change their colours!). Your design will be repeated over and over on your new rolls of custom printed tape.

Speaking of tape rolls, you can test out the waters of custom packaging by ordering just one at a time—that’s the beauty of the low order minimums we offer in the Custom Shop. But the more you order, the more you’ll be able to save. And if your store’s really pulling in those orders (and we bet it is), you’ll benefit from stocking up at the beginning.

And speaking of orders—it can be serious work, right? Wetting the tape, measuring it, cutting it, then sealing all those packed boxes can take up plenty of time. Adding kraft tape dispensers to your packing table can save you lots of time and stress by taking some of those actions off your hands. Whether you invest in manual or powered versions, your employees will thank you.

Whatever you decide (and whatever you design), you can rest easy knowing your custom packaging choice is an eco-friendly and sustainable one. We can’t wait to see what kind of custom packing tape you’re going to create.