Choices are good. They make life interesting, freeing and fun. Choice can also make things difficult. When you’re prepping customer orders and protective packaging for your products, a big choice you’ll face is deciding what kind of tape you’ll want to use. In the dilemma of custom packing tape vs regular packing tape, which one’s right for you?

Let’s take a dive into the world of tape and which one’s just right for your packaging needs.

Custom packing tape vs regular packing tape

Custom tape is a fantastic way to brand your customer shipments and promote your business. It’s a little more expensive than the plain stuff because of the production efforts involved, but if your budget can handle it, the benefits are immense. One very big plus is the protection it affords your brand’s reputation—because only you have the printing pattern. You won’t see it on a competitor’s box, and would-be thieves can’t steal from your shipments and conceal their tampering. Nice.

Regular packing tape is utilitarian, sure, but it’s all you’ll need to secure and protect your shipments. Its costs are far more reasonable, and you can restock your supply without the need for a lead time. Your packaging won’t be branded while it’s being delivered, but as long as your business and your products speak for themselves, maybe your packaging doesn’t necessarily have to stand out.

So, now that know the properties of custom packing tape vs regular packing tape, how do you decide between the 2 of them? Let’s talk about 3 potential situations you’ll find yourself in.

No budget for custom packaging?

Stick with regular packing tape. Sometimes all you need from your tape is to do its job and do it right, and the carton sealing tape variety will get it done. There’s a reason it’s manufactured in high volumes, after all. It’s tried, tested and true, guaranteed to support your shipments and customer orders (provided you choose the right type and apply it properly, of course).

Enough budget for one custom packaging item?

Start with custom packing tape. It’s the perfect way to dress up standard packaging like kraft corrugated boxes. All it takes is a logo, some artwork, or even just some branding colours, and you’ll turn your packing tape into stylishly branded tape that’ll make customers see your business in a whole new light. A packaging material that secures your shipments, protects your products and promotes your brand? That’s a custom packaging option worth investing in.

Plenty of budget for several custom packaging items?

Use your judgment. Plan your custom packaging out, and see where’s best to use your logo, brand colours and any other graphics you have. If you’re going with fully printed boxes, then maybe regular packing tape will help prevent your packaging from looking way too busy. If you’re a fan of custom colour boxes, then custom paper tape might be the finishing touch that brings your entire packaging strategy together. Don’t hesitate to explore our custom shop and all the custom packaging options we have available. You never know when inspiration will strike, so play around with our free online packaging designers while you’re at it.

Like any other packaging material, the kind of tape you use is whichever one you feel serves you best. The decision between custom packing tape vs regular packing tape is an important one, and one only you are equipped to make for your business. Whether you’re feeling like regular tape or custom printed tape is the winner, The Packaging Company has the online design tools and quality materials to protect your products and bring your packaging vision to life.