As more and more businesses start selling online, it’s becoming more and more important to make smart packaging choices. Not only do you need to protect your products during shipping, you’ve got to represent your business as best you can. Custom packaging (especially the likes of custom tissue paper) hits both of those needs, but it can also raise the question—is custom packaging sustainable? And the short answer is, choose the right type and it sure can be.

Like most products or services, you need to do your homework first. When it comes to custom packaging, you want to look at what processes and materials are used to bring your packaging to life. And in the case of custom tissue paper, we’re more than happy to lay out exactly what it takes to create its high-end, attention-grabbing and luxurious feel while still being respectful of how that affects the environment. Let’s start with the actual tissue paper itself.

What kind of paper does TPC’s custom tissue paper use?

Our custom tissue paper starts off with 30% recycled material. The other 70% consists of new acid-free pulp that’s harvested from FSC-certified and responsibly managed forests. Together, they form the base for a smooth and soft tissue paper sheet that’s both lignin- and sulfur-free.

Speaking of sheets, we use two different thicknesses when printing custom tissue paper. For designs using just 1 colour, we use a thinner sheet that’s sheer and semi-transparent, just like most tissue paper you’re used to holding. For designs using 2 colours, we use a thicker sheet that can hold more ink (so it retains colour richness and depth), while still being soft and semi-translucent.

These material choices help provide a gorgeous look and luxurious feel to your tissue paper, while still making it environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

What kind of ink does TPC’s custom tissue paper use?

We use soy-based ink for printing on custom tissue paper. As it’s created from soybeans, it’s more environmentally friendly than conventional options (such as petroleum-based inks), and it means the tissue paper is easier to recycle once you or your customers are finished with it.

In terms of presentation, there’s also a lot of visual evidence that soy-based inks create a better-looking final product. The printed colours tend to match the digital design file more accurately, and they have a bit more vibrance and depth to them. You’ll see what we mean when you receive your first order.

How is TPC’s custom tissue paper a sustainable packaging supply?

As you can tell, the custom tissue paper you’ll find in the Custom Shop is designed to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. The paper itself is made from both recycled and eco-friendly sources, and the ink is derived from a natural source. This means that reclaiming its components during recycling is easier than if they were of more synthetic sources.

Plus, your custom tissue paper will look so good, we bet your customers will hang onto it and reuse it for something else (we heard printed tissue paper looks great in a frame!).

Buy Custom Tissue Paper from The Packaging Company

Creating your own custom tissue paper is easier than you think. Using the free and easy-to-use online tissue paper designer you’ll find in the Custom Shop, you can quickly (and enjoyably!) design tissue paper that’ll make your customers smile and your competitors seethe.

All you need is your logo (or any graphic you’re looking to turn into a pattern) and a little bit of imagination and personal taste. Choose a pre-made pattern, play with sizing and angles, then decide on your colours—one for your logo or graphic and one for your background (if you choose to have one).

From there, you simply select your sheet size and your quantity (tissue paper starts at 250 sheets, but the higher you go, the more you’ll save). If you’re wrapping small or handmade items, the smaller sheets will likely work for you. If you’re wrapping up larger goods like sweaters, you’ll get better coverage with the larger sheets. Just be sure to know which size benefits you most—we’ve had customers buy the larger sheets and cut them into fours for wrapping their products!

Whatever you decide, you can rest easy knowing your custom packaging choice is a sustainable and environmentally conscious one. We can’t wait to see what kind of custom tissue paper you create.