Like a lot of the packaging supplies we carry, Bubble’s not just for protecting products. It’s a pretty interesting material, useful for creating artwork, home décor and lots more. All it takes is some ingenuity and creative thinking, and you’ll find plenty of uses for bubble you’d never have expected. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some interesting ways to be decorating with bubble, here’s some of our favorite examples.

Tablecloths & Other Fabric Items

Decorating With Bubble: Tablecloths

With so many home décor stores out there, it can be tough to make your place look unlike anyone else’s. Thankfully, with a little bit of bubble cushion and some smart paint choices, custom décor is in your sights. Bubble dipped in paint and pressed against cloth turns out a unique, hand-made piece of décor. Whether it’s for the dinner table or the picnic table, this bubble-patterned tablecloth will catch everyone’s eye.

Tip: You can control the pattern better by using smaller pieces of bubble cushion—and don’t use too much bubble, or you’ll smear the paint and it’ll take forever to dry!

Vases & Centerpieces

Decorating With Bubble: Vases

Why let tables have all the good looks? Vases, centerpieces and other décor will pop after their very own encounter with a sheet of painted bubble. Thanks to every air-filled cell having a slightly different surface pattern, the resulting object will have a random, customized look you won’t find somewhere else. Give it a roll, let it dry, and place it on the table for all to envy.

Tip: Roll the vase/object against the bubble, instead of the other way around—this way, you can angle the vase and create interesting bands and shapes!

Bubble Paintings

Decorating With Bubble: Painting

This one takes some know-how, patience and planning, but has a result that is totally worth it. The most common technique, basically pioneered by artist Bradley Hart, is to insert the paint into each air-filled bubble with a syringe. The paint itself will seep out of the syringe hole slightly, sealing up once it dries. Once you have your canvas picture in mind, it’s practically a paint-by-numbers effort—or should we say, paint-by-bubble.

Tip: Choose from the various bubble cushion sizes for differing levels of detail—the smaller the bubble cells, the more detailed your masterpiece can look.

Bubble Cushion Baking & Decorating

Decorating With Bubble: Baking

Bubble-patterned chocolate and gelatin aren’t something you see every day, right? So, imagine the splash your cake will make when it reaches the table decked out in such an eye-catching look. It’ll take some prep work and experimentation, but you can’t deny that what comes of all that effort will be like nothing else most people have ever seen. Don’t forget to wash and completely dry your bubble cushion before using it. The chocolate/gelatin will release easier once it’s fully set.

Tip: Temper your chocolate, don’t layer it onto the bubble too thick (or too thin!), and let it set just enough to hold its shape before you begin working with it!

Bubble Cacti

Decorating With Bubble: Cactus

They say cactuses and other succulents are among the easiest plants to take care of, thanks to how little water they need over time. But, why not make it easier and create a cactus that requires no water at all? Bubble cactuses are totally self-sufficient and are a serious conversation starter. Just grab a pot, some scissors and tape (maybe a little dirt for realism, too), and get down to creating the shape you see fit. Paint it afterwards for a more detailed or personal look.

Tip: Don’t want to paint? Or like a more see-through look? Use recycled green bubble.

If you’re eager to try your hand at decorating with bubble, start with the most important thing: lots and lots of bubble cushion. Have fun, experiment and let your imagination and creativity run wild. Do you have any great examples of bubble cushion décor? We’d love to see it, so post it on your favorite social media and don’t forget to tag us—we might even try making it ourselves!

Image Sources: Pinterest, Higher Learning, Real Simple, Design Mom