Different Ways to Use Custom Labels for Your Business

Whether your business is big or small, having a strong and strategic marketing plan is always essential. Advertising and marketing costs can quickly add up, so it is important to make decisions that are both effective and cost-efficient. If you cannot afford to completely customize your product packaging and other shipping materials, custom labels can be a great alternative.

Custom labels are a powerful way to make your product or packaging stand out from the competition and increase brand recognition. You can create labels with your brand logo, product names, thank you messages, brand colors, and so much more.

A well-designed, attractive logo on your product can go a long way for making your products and company look professional and keep your customers engaged. We have put together a list of how you can use custom labels on your products and packaging.

Custom Labels On Your Products

If you are a small business (a coffee shop for example) it can sometimes be difficult to find the budget to customize materials such as cups, containers and bags. Custom labels are a simple, cheap and effective branding strategy that can achieve the same recognition. Simply affix your custom label directly to your products and allow your customers to advertise your business for you as they walk out your door. This solution is perfect for small business ventures such as coffee shops, bakeries, food trucks and other direct-to-consumer businesses.

Here are a few examples of how you can use custom labels on the products in your store:

  • Brand Logo – Apply your brand logo labels directly to any products you sell, this helps customers remember you and can catch the attention of other potential customers and passerby’s after it leaves your store.
  • Informative Label – An informative label gives customers information about the product such as the ingredients, best before date, and other information about the product inside, perfect for fresh baked goods, sandwiches and other food/homemade items (labels from The Packaging Company are writable & recyclable).
  • Descriptive Label – This type of label can be used to provide details about the product, using instructions, and other important information.

Custom Labels On Your Packaging

If your business primarily ships products directly to the customers’ door, it is important to give those customers a good first impression and a memorable unboxing experience. If you run a small business, it can be difficult to factor in a budget for customized packaging such as boxes mailers, tissue paper, etc. However, you still want to make your package unique and easily identifiable for customers. You can achieve this simply by applying a custom label with your company’s logo, brand image, or recognizable design right to the packaging. This helps to improve brand recognition and ultimately increase your customer base.

We have included some of the different ways you can use custom labels on your packaging:

  • On The Shipping Box – Placing a custom logo label directly on the box that your product ships in will help your customers instantly identify their order and your business, additionally, it can catch the attention of other people who may come into contact with the box during the shipping and delivery process.
  • On Mailers – Similar to the box, if your products are packaged in mailers you can affix a label with your brand’s logo directly to the mailer.
  • On Tissue Paper – If your company is in the business of creating a fun and unique unboxing experience for your customers, and you have products wrapped with tissue paper inside your box you can add a sticker logo for a nice finishing touch.
  • On the Product – Depending on the type of product you sell, you can add a logo directly to your product being shipped.

Types of Custom Labels

Custom labels at The Packaging Company come in many different shapes and sizes. All of our custom labels are printed in full color on durable vinyl that is fade, scratch, water and weather resistant. No need to worry about your logo falling off or being damaged, no matter what product you are placing it on. Listed below are just some of the shapes we offer, and all have a clear option available:

  • Circle Custom Labels
  • Oval Custom Labels
  • Square Custom Labels
  • Rounded Square Custom Labels
  • Rectangle Custom Labels
  • Rounded Rectangle Custom Labels

Looking for High-Quality Custom Labels For Your Business?

If you are looking to purchase custom labels for your business, visit The Packaging Company! We know the importance of branding for your business, whether it’s big or small. This is why we take pride in our high-quality materials and our customer satisfaction guarantee. Start building your custom logos today!