To make an impact on your clientele, your company brand is an essential factor. Your brand needs to stand out and create the right impression on your customers. One of the ways you can elevate your brand is to use custom mailers in your packaging. This packaging solution has multiple advantages for businesses when used correctly.

Integrating custom mailers effectively in your packaging strategy requires a few steps. How can you use this packaging type to impress customers, and what are the other advantages of mailers that are customized? Read on to discover all the packaging tips, the power of custom mailers in packaging, and the benefits you need to use these mailers to ensure your brand is unforgettable.

Why Use Custom Mailers for Packaging as a Business?

Before we consider the tips for using custom mailers, it’s worth considering why you should use them for packaging as a business. When you use custom mailers, you instantly personalize the package for your customers. The mailer you customize can achieve this by displaying a few key elements that represent the uniqueness of your brand, which we will explore more closely. However, there are a few additional advantages to consider when selecting these mailers as custom product packaging.

Enhances the Recognition of Your Brand

A custom mailer enhances the recognition of your brand. It helps your company display its logo and key elements so your customers will notice it more distinctly than a plain, white, uncustomized mailer.

For instance, this custom packaging ensures your clients can identify your company values and personality through any messaging or custom design, and it is through the custom mailer that you can use an eye-catching, unmistakably bold, brand-matching design that speaks to your customers the moment they open their mailbox.

Elevates the Unboxing Experience

Custom poly mailers are worth selecting as a company to create a sense of excitement when your customers receive your product. A mailer that is customized elevates the unboxing experience significantly since it helps you create a special moment for your customers. It is a packaging solution worth investing in to connect with customers.

With a mailer like this, you can encourage clients to purchase products or goods from your company repeatedly by creating the impression that your items are as high-quality as their exemplary packaging. Therefore, customer retention is one of the main impacts of the perfect unboxing experience and custom mailers.

Helps Small and Large Companies Distinguish their Brand

In a crowded marketplace, setting your brand apart can be challenging. However, mailers that are customized help small and large companies distinguish their brand, ensuring they stand out among countless other logos, values, brand messaging, and designs.

Your customized mailer depicts your brand’s uniqueness in many ways. For example, in the font, choice of colors, and design, you will send a brand-aligning message completely different from the hundreds of other brands in your industry.

How to Design and Use Custom Mailers Effectively

There are a few ways your business can design and use customer mailers effectively in its packaging to harness the power of this packaging type. This process requires you to consider your brand and a few additional factors. Here are three factors and tips you should think about to use custom mailers in your packaging.

Create a Custom Mailer Design that Aligns with Customers

Tip number one is to create a custom mailer design that aligns with customers. It requires you to know your customers, understand what appeals to them, and capture these preferences in the perfect design. One of the easiest ways to complete this is to research your target market.

For example, you may have a vast clientele as an e-commerce store that sells cloth napkins made from recycled fabric. In that case, your customers may value eco-friendly products and environmentally friendly packaging. To create a custom mailer design for this customer base, you may include specific messaging in large custom mailers that share your company’s eco-friendly values. This messaging will help you connect with your clients and encourage customer retention.

Differentiate Custom Mailers with Unique Designs

The second tip is to differentiate custom mailers with unique designs. Your market is saturated with competitors trying to appeal to your customers and win them over. Still, with a unique design printed on your custom mailer, you have the opportunity to stand out.

This tip requires you to research your competitors, their designs, their messaging, and their values and create a design that deviates from the collective norm while upholding your brand personality.

For instance, you may notice that your e-commerce competitors that sell phone cases all include a phone design on their custom mailers. To stand out from the crowd, you might choose a mailer design that includes emoji symbols or another unique feature that aligns with your brand messaging but impacts your customers due to its uniqueness.

To make this custom design process easier and ensure your design stands out from your competitors, The Packaging Company gives you a choice of 1-sided print and full coverage 2-sided print options in a couple of custom mailer types. For example, you can order flat mailers or poly bubble custom mailers with custom options for one or two sides.

With the custom 1-sided poly bubble custom mailers, you can upload high-resolution artwork that matches your brand but catches your customer’s eye. Its striking white border leads the eye to the unique design positioned in the centre of your mailer. Alternatively, you could select a flat poly mailer with a full coverage, 2-sided print to ensure your customers immediately notice the brand and packaging. This latter option is ideal for maximizing the impact of your design that is spread over both sides.

Tell a Story Through the Mailer Design

You should aim to tell a story through the mailer design to show your customers the uniqueness of your brand. Your mailer design can achieve this with concise messaging that sums up the purpose of your product and company.

For instance, as an e-commerce store that designs and sells unique postcards, you may tell the story of your brand in concise messaging printed on your custom mailer. To create your messaging and deliver the most impact, consider the specific designs of the products you distribute and align the messaging, the tone, and the font with your brand and product design.

Select The Packaging Company for Custom Mailer Solutions

As a small or large company or e-commerce business looking to distribute products, custom mailers can elevate your brand, help you retain customers, and ensure you attract new ones. The mailers we stock and supply at The Packaging Company can help make your brand and customers’ unboxing experiences unforgettable.

Select The Packaging Company for custom mailer solutions that align with your brand.