When your business needs lightweight packaging, kraft paper boxes are a suitable go-to. Kraft paper packaging can be inexpensive and lightweight, perfect for storing fragile goods and food items. Keep reading if you want to learn more about kraft paper boxes and what you can use them for.

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What Are Kraft Paper Boxes?

Kraft paper boxes often need clarification with corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes. However, although they are functionally the same, how they are made is slightly different. Kraft paper boxes are made using many layers of kraft paper, laminated and pressed together to create a durable, cardboard-like material called paperboard which can be further reinforced to become chipboard. While both boxes are similar, corrugated boxes use fluting as a means of reinforcement and are ideal for shipping, kraft paper boxes are used for packing a product and have a more attractive, cleaner appearance than a corrugated box.

When Should You Use Kraft Paper Boxes?

If you’re unsure whether kraft paper boxes suit your needs, check out these examples of where they might come in handy:

  • Delicate goods – on a larger scale, kraft paper boxes help secure and protect delicate items like jewelry or handmade goods during transport. The durability and strength of the materials provide the necessary protection.
  • Heat-sensitive goods – kraft paper boxes being good for trapping heat, making them ideal for keeping delivery foods warm or keeping glass from cracking due to temperature changes.
  • Food items – on a smaller scale, kraft paper boxes are suitable for storing food items. Takeout boxes are often made using kraft material due to their insulation and resistance to water absorption and the ability to trap grease and liquids.

If any of the above conditions apply, then kraft boxes will come in handy for transporting or storing your goods.

Benefits Of Using Kraft Paper Boxes

Now that you know when you might need kraft paper material packaging supplies, let’s explore the unique benefits of using this option. Here’s everything you’ll gain by choosing kraft paper over cardboard alternatives.

Kraft Boxes Are A Sustainable Packaging Option

The average consumer seeks sustainable options when shopping online, and e-commerce sellers are responsible for providing sustainable and ethical packaging solutions. What makes kraft boxes such an excellent option in terms of sustainability?

  • Kraft paper is made from compost material.
  • The material is non-toxic, biodegradable, odorless, and pollution-free.
  • Kraft materials are a low-carbon option.

The raw materials and manufacturing processes required to create kraft boxes are entirely sustainable. You’re taking steps to meet the consumer demand for sustainable packaging options by choosing kraft boxes.

Kraft Boxes Are Customizable

Consult a packaging company to customize kraft boxes and reflect your branding. You can use custom labels to incorporate your logo into the design to make your package more interesting and reflective of your branding.

Excellent ROI With Marketing Opportunities

You can make the most of your packaging investments by creating attractive branded kraft boxes that showcase your products. Some companies even include branded boxes in product photography to improve their marketing. This packaging type’s low cost and custom options make it the perfect choice for maximizing ROI on your packaging supplies.

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Knowing which packaging supplies best suit your products and unique needs is important when seeking packaging options. Kraft packaging is a durable alternative to cardboard made using composted materials. With kraft packaging, you can market your products, incorporate your branding, and make more sustainable decisions for your business.

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