We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of using custom boxes in your packaging. Choosing the right box style, size and colour (don’t forget the inside!) can really sell your brand and increase someone’s eagerness to unbox what’s inside.

But what about once that box is open? Even if it’s lined with colour, the products inside are usually wrapped in standard packing paper or hidden under packing peanuts. In a survey about e-commerce packaging, 66% of people felt packaging showed them how much an online store cared about its clients and their orders. That means peanuts and paper are a missed opportunity to excite a customer and reinforce your branding.

Bubble Cushion: The Next Generation

So, what about bubble cushion? It’s a classic, memorable product that’s got great texture and is a blast to play with. It even comes in varying bubble sizes and some interesting colours like clear, green (recycled!) and pink (anti-static).

Now, thanks to modern packaging technologies, it’s no longer limited to the bubble shape. Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions brings the branding and personalization of custom packaging to the world of bubble cushion. Developed by Sealed Air, Expressions can be customized for different colours, words and phrases, icons and even your logo.

Express Your Brand

Wrapping items in Bubble Wrap IB Expressions is a great way to add personalization to a shipment while still protecting what’s inside. Ship your chocolatier store’s Valentine’s candy in red heart-shaped bubble. Send out Kickstarter backer’s orders in clear bubble that spells out Thank You. Be known as the dog store that sends custom collars and dog tags wrapped in dog bone bubble shapes.

It’s an undeniable fact that unique and noteworthy packaging gets more attention and more shares on social media. Boxes often get all the attention, now it’s bubble’s turn.

Same Bubble Cushion, Only Better

58% of people in the same e-commerce survey felt their relationship with a brand or retailer would be hurt if their order was damaged. It would be hurt so much, that 20% of them would never order from that retailer again.

Thankfully, there’s no sacrificing looks for security here.

Made from the same material as regular bubble, Bubble Wrap IB Expressions provides just as much protection. In fact, thanks to the sizes and shapes these new bubbles can take on, Expressions can protect products with 30% more cushioning than other bubble of the same size.

A New Day Is Bubbling Up

Typically, this kind of custom packaging is only accessible by larger companies—their high-volume operations often mean they can buy in bulk and therefore pay less. In turn, smaller businesses find the costs of shorter runs to be prohibitive. We’d like to change that.

The Packaging Company is dedicated to being the e-commerce partner your business deserves. That’s why we’ve created Bubble Wrap IB Expressions Dispenser Boxes by The Packaging Company in four bubble patterns:

4 Options for Bubble Wrap IB Expressions

Thank You in clear bubble | Hearts in red bubble | Hearts in clear bubble | Dog Bones in red & white bubble

Each dispenser box houses 50 feet of Expressions bubble, and is perforated every 6” (Thank You patterns) or 12” (Hearts and Dog Bones patterns). They’re the perfect size for your business, whether you’re an Etsy store or building a monthly subscription service.

Every day, the world of custom packaging is growing and changing more and more. It’s an exciting time for small businesses and online shops to improve their packaging, build their brands and delight their customers. All without losing the protection your products deserve.

With The Packaging Company and Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions, you can make your packaging all about you, your brand and your customer. Open a box and say hello.

Stats Source: sealedair.com