When you send products to your customers, you’re no longer just sending them a box of goods – you’re sending them the whole experience. This means that the unboxing experience needs to be just as good as the products you’re delivering, in order to catch a customer’s attention.

With the advent of social media and ‘unboxing’ vlogs, product packaging has become an integral part of the success of small and large businesses alike. Creating an amazing unboxing experience for your customer is an absolute must.

In this article, we’re going to explain all the ways you can create the ultimate unboxing experience for your customer so that you can build a loyal customer base and a successful business. Keep reading to learn more.

Make Sure You Have Branded Packaging

Branded packaging is an excellent marketing tool and makes your packaging stand out from the competition. The use of custom packaging, including branded custom boxes, branded custom tissue paper and branded thank you cards, makes for a unique unboxing experience.

We recommend adding branding to the box or in other ways throughout your packaging supplies. Try not to overwhelm customers with your branding, but make sure that customers see your logo while unpacking the box.

Branded packaging supplies can help to boost customer loyalty and retention, so investing in them is a great idea.

If you can only afford limited amounts of branded packaging, you could also use your brand’s color scheme within your packaging through the use of colored tissue paper and gift tags.

Place Additional Items With Your Package

Everyone loves free stuff, so including a few free samples in your packaging could be a great way to please your customers as well as showcase new products for customers to potentially invest in.

Not only you could add free samples in your packaging, but you may also consider handwritten thank you notes. Handwritten thank you notes add a personal touch to your packaging and are a fantastic tool for small businesses to use.

They remind customers of the person or small team behind their product, and it can make customers feel closer to the brand. You could also add tokens like sweets or teabags, and cards with offers for their next purchase.

Additional packaging items enhance the unboxing experience and make customers believe you have taken the time and effort to package their products with care.

Don’t Complicate The Packaging Or Overbrand Your Packages

Even though we’ve told you to use branding and additional items, it is very important you don’t go too far. If every inch of your packaging is covered with tons of branding, it can become overkill.

Likewise, if a customer opens a parcel and hundreds of extra items fall out, they may feel a little overwhelmed by everything inside. A great unboxing experience is about finding balance with your packaging supplies, branding, and additional items.

Use Sustainable Materials For Your Packaging

Sustainability is a buzzword in many industries these days, which is why sustainable packaging is a great idea for your brand. It communicates to your customer that you’re trying to reduce the harm your business does to the planet and it helps your customers to feel like they’re doing their part to help the planet as well.

Sustainable packaging supplies have blossomed in recent years with everything from dissolvable packaging peanuts to compostable mailers, so the sky is the limit on what you choose for your sustainable packaging supplies.

Here at The Packaging Company, we’re passionate about creating professional-looking sustainable packaging supplies for all of our clients.

Align Your Item(s) In The Package So That It Is Visually Pleasing To The Customer

It may be tricky since you don’t have control of your package once you’ve handed it to the courier but placing your products in a visually appealing way can create a fantastic unboxing experience for your customer. If your products look like they have just been thrown into the box, a customer may feel like you haven’t taken the time to package them neatly.

Try and lay out your products in the box in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible to show the time and energy you take to package your items for your customers.

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