How Custom Facemasks Double As Free Advertising For Your Business

It is no secret that the pandemic has forced everybody to increase their safety measures and wear facemasks. Luckily, some people have had fun with it and are using custom facemasks as a way to represent an interest or a company that they supported.

Overall, the facemask industry is expected to grow by 23.5% annually for the next six years.

For businesses, that can mean still being able to cash in on custom facemasks, helping to get the word out for smaller businesses, and providing a fun option to stay safe and healthy during these times.

Why is this? Here are some ways facemasks are free advertising.


Health Benefits

Before we get to the business side, let’s talk about why you could use a facemask in the first place. The original point of facemasks during COVID-19 was to try to contain and minimize the virus from spreading to others.

Well, this is still true. According to the CDC, masks significantly reduce the chances of respiratory droplets from being passed onto others and are an extra barrier if you happen to be asymptomatic.


Brand Exposure

The most obvious reason is the fact that your brand can possibly be exposed in places that it would normally have a very difficult time doing so.

Let’s say that you are a local pizza restaurant and sell custom facemasks to your customers. Then, one of the customers decides to wear it to a family function in the next town over.

Those family members may not be familiar with your restaurant yet, however, now that your customer is wearing your branded facemask, it is exposing your restaurant’s name which could help generate more customers for your business.


Anchor Memory

Another benefit to custom facemasks is that it can help with brand recall of your company logo with your social media photos and in your general photos.

It is no secret that people like to take pictures, and more and more people are taking photos of themselves while wearing a mask. If you have a custom facemask, people may choose to share that photo of themselves with your company logo on it.

In general, people remember 80% of what they see. So, what does this mean?

It means that having your brand potentially being shown in the general public’s videos and photos, can be a game-changer when it comes to marketing strategies, all thanks to custom facemasks.


Brand Identity

If you have a small business, you may not have felt the need to push towards establishing a brand identity before the pandemic. Using custom facemasks can help you establish your brand identify as it can provide customers with a company logo that they may feel a sense of loyalty towards.

If customers wear your logo around in public on a piece of clothing, it is more than likely that your brand will be noticed. Even more than that, people may be curious about your brand, and they may even choose to support your business.

Building this sense of loyalty is huge because in general, most people realize that it is more difficult to get a new customer than it is to retain a customer they already have. Building a brand identity and brand loyalty can greatly help you increase repeat business.


Design High-Quality Custom Facemasks

Now, you have a better understanding of the benefits for a company to use custom facemasks. Are you ready to start using custom facemasks and distributing them to your employees, customers and the public?

The Packaging Company has single-ply and double-ply masks, and even carries a size made just for kids! These masks can be easily customized with your company’s logo, colors or a unique message.

These cost-effective, custom branded face masks are a great solution for small businesses, with low minimum orders starting at just 50 masks! Order yours today and take advantage of the free advertising for your business.