How Digital Printing Can Turn Your Packaging into Art

Would you ever consider packaging to be art? Or perhaps you have wondered how you could make your packaging standout among your competitors?

This past holiday season saw one Canadian channel Ojibwe art to craft beautiful designs for Purolator’s holiday box. The result? A simple box has been transformed into a creative canvas that will no doubt impress all those that interact with it, most importantly its final customer.

With other companies such as Michaels joining in this initiative of adding artistic flair to their packaging, it’s clear that digital printing is becoming more useful for marketing and is playing an important role in successful e-commerce. But why exactly is it better than traditional plain packaging? Read on to find out!

Evolving from the Plain Cardboard Box

Evolving from the Plain Cardboard Box

While the average consumer might assume a cardboard box to be plain, brown and indistinguishable in anything but its shape and size, there is plenty of opportunity to be had with designed packaging. As discussed in our previous blog, having eye-catching packaging offers many benefits. A stylish, branded box can not only enhance the product appearance but also make the recipient’s first impression of your product memorable and unique, especially when delivered alongside products that might be from your competitors.

The benefits are not just limited to just one customer’s impression either. As we move further into the digital age of sharing our lives, e-commerce has grown with support from visual marketing efforts such as unboxing videos, affiliate marketing, and influencer social media. All these channels showcase your product packaging to a wider audience and can easily attract the attention of further sales.

For those involved in B2B e-commerce, adding a flair of design to your box will demonstrate your company’s professionalism and dedication to quality throughout the entire purchasing process.

As an indicator of dynamic progress within the North American marketplace, even traditional long standing packaging industry market leaders such as Crownhill Packaging and Dollies & Boxes have also started to embrace the power of digital printing.

Advance Your Packaging with The Packaging Company

As seen with Purolator’s boxes, incorporating digital printing into your packaging offers a multitude of benefits ranging from greater customer satisfaction and boosted brand recognition to interest from media sources.

Not only do we ensure all our packaging printwork is done to a high standard, but we also encourage our customers to channel their creativity with our many customizable options available to businesses of all sizes. Get in touch with our team today to learn more!