When it comes to your packaging, you want it to make a good impression on the customer – after all, the unboxing experience is all part of your branding. But some packaging supplies can be costly and budgeting for what you need is a challenge faced by all new business owners.

If you’re currently trying to work out what you’re going to need and what you can save on when it comes to your packaging supplies, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going to talk about a few different ways you can make the best decisions for your budget and your packaging supplies. Check out our budgeting tips and tricks below.

Ask Yourself A Few Questions And Consider Different Factors

All business needs are different, which means what you need in terms of packaging supplies will vary, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself.

You can begin by looking at the products you’re selling. Are they breakable? Do you need something that will keep them protected in transit or are you selling something like clothing that is less likely to be damaged? Are your items perishable? Do they need to be kept cold?

These are all questions about the practicality of your packaging supplies. Functional packaging is the first thing you need to think about, even before aesthetics, because if your product arrives broken, it doesn’t matter how pretty the packaging is, your customer won’t be happy.

After practicality, you can begin to consider what you want your packaging to look like. Have you got color schemes you want to adhere to? Do you like the idea of a cardboard box over a mailer? These are the parts of your packaging supplies that you may have to compromise on later when it comes to your budget but getting a sense of what you want can help when you begin your research.

Do Some Research On Different Packaging Suppliers

There are lots of packaging suppliers out there, so finding one that does the kind of packaging you like is going to be easy. Where the difficulty lies is finding a supplier that does your packaging for the right price.

Set some time aside to properly assess each packaging supplier and what they can offer you. Some suppliers may have loyalty programs you can take advantage of and others may offer discounts on bulk buying options.

Also, take a look at customer reviews and see what others think of the supplier. Consider all aspects of the supplier before settling on the one you like.

Set Aside Some Money For An Emergency Packaging Fund

Sometimes things go wrong with packaging. Maybe you’ve got a new product that doesn’t fit into any of your boxes or you run a sale and suddenly run out of packaging items. Whatever it is, you should always set aside an emergency fund for packaging supplies.

Packaging is a huge part of your branding and from a practical standpoint, you can’t send products to customers if you’ve got nothing to send them in!

Be Sure To Choose The Right Packaging And Printing Options For You

Along with all of the different options for packaging supplies come the different printing options as well. For branded packaging, this is particularly important.

There are three kinds of printing options for printed boxes; flexographic printing, lithographic printing, and digital printing.

Flexographic printing is a cost-effective option. It uses a simple plate with a few colors, whereas lithographic printing is more costly. Lithographic printing may be the right choice for you if your customers expect high-quality packaging from you.

Digital printing is a good option for tester packaging or packaging that changes frequently. With the above options, a plate is required for each design, but digital printing is more flexible, allowing you to change it up every now and then.

Don’t Overspend Or Underspend

This can be a difficult line to navigate but overspending on packaging is just as bad as underspending. How much you spend on packaging will be impacted by many factors, including the price of your products.

If you’re selling cheaper products, you can afford to spend less on the packaging, but for very expensive products, customers want to see where their money is going. Underspending on packaging when you’re charging higher prices for your products can annoy your customers.

Don’t be frivolous with your spending, but also don’t skimp so much that it reflects badly of your brand.

Consider Buying Packaging In Bulk

Many packaging suppliers offer bulk buying options. Once you’re set on the number of packaging supplies that you want, buying them in bulk will save you money and ensure you don’t run out of supplies!

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