How to Make Your Retail Store Welcoming Again during COVID-19

Though re-openings are now in full swing across North America, some areas of businesses are finding it harder than others. With retail being one of the hardest hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing how to get business growing again is a struggle for many retail owners and managers. With consumer confidence lower than ever before and unprecedented economic changes affecting us all, the retail sector finds itself an entirely new climate.

Despite this uncertainty, retail stores can still make a comeback. In today’s post, The Packaging Company provides three straightforward techniques that will help your store encourage physical distancing without sacrificing on their shopping experience.

Custom Floor Signs and Decals

Tip #1: Use Custom Floor Signs and Decals

As part of a strong social distancing strategy, creating a one-way system across your store is essential in reducing the threat of COVID-19 transmission. These types of systems can be easily set up using floor decals and signs to help guide your customers along a set route through the store. In addition, this clear line of traffic helps make sanitization routines more straightforward for staff members, who will know exactly where to disinfect.

There is more to this than just sanitization, however. Owners can also take advantage of these products by encouraging positive messaging in store. Whether you are wishing your customers a good day or inviting them to come back soon, great customer service should never have to be stopped because of physical distancing. Even a simple set of “follow me” floor signs can make your customers feel more welcome in your store.

Here at The Packaging Company, you can craft your own custom floor decals that will encourage customer social distancing in a friendly way that truly reflects your brand voice.

Customized Face Masks

Tip #2: Provide PPE & Customized Face Masks to Staff

Part of giving your customers’ the best shopping experience possible is ensuring that your staff are able to perform at their absolute best. As many managers already know, retail staff are the backbone of any great store. They are on hand to welcome your visitors and answer any questions they may have, as well as carry out inventory and cashier duties.

However, with COVID-19 remaining a constant threat to all of us, it is understandable that your team members may now feel anxious or uncomfortable at work. They may be concerned about protecting themselves and others from infection or might find intensive sanitization routines overwhelming alongside other duties.

Although the situation may appear challenging, owners and managers can support their staff by focusing on giving them the right supplies. From essential personal protective equipment like gloves and glass walls, making staff safety a top priority shows both them and your customers that you care about maintaining a safe environment for all.

Looking to give your staff something special? Allow them to create or choose a custom face mask design for the whole team. Not only does this demonstrate that your business goes an extra step to care for your staff’s individual well-being, but it also helps bring a sense of unity among team members.

Packaged Products

Tip #3: Offer Packaged Products & Outdoor Pick-Up Services

While many businesses have adapted to the struggles of COVID-19 and are now excelling online, many traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores still lag behind as they remained closed during lockdown periods. 

Even if your retail store is now re-opening for business, there will still be some customers who are unable or unwilling to enter inside. Instead of them missing out on their purchases, retail stores can support them through online and telephone ordering. Whether executed through curbside pick-ups or deliveries in the mail, these simple strategies can act as a way to bridge the confidence gap caused by COVID-19.

At The Packaging Company, we supply a variety of packaging materials (with custom options available) that can help you prepare and sell products for pick-up or shipping with ease.

Equip Your Retail Store with All the Essentials

Making a retail store welcoming again might seem like a difficult task for many owners and managers. But with a focus on positive social distancing, high staff morale, and a safe shopping space, your customers will appreciate the extra attention to detail and feel encouraged to return.

To get started in revitalizing your retail store, you can find all the supplies and solutions you need here at The Packaging Company. From packaging essentials perfect for drop-offs and deliveries, to custom floor decals and PPE, we have everything to help give your store the welcoming touches your customers will appreciate. Browse our catalog today!