How To Move Furniture When Moving Homes

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience for everyone, unfortunately it can also quickly become stressful when you think about packing up all your belongings for transport. It’s easy to load up all the smaller things that fit into boxes, bags or totes and give them a label, but the real pressure comes with moving bulky items and heavy furniture. The Packaging Company wants your moving day to be as efficient and stress-free as possible which is why we put together these pro-tips for moving furniture to your new home.

Planning and Organizing

Planning your move in advance can seem like a tedious task at the time but it is a great way to put your moving day into perspective and prevent timely issues from occurring. Here is a list of a few ways to organize your moving day:

  1. Measure Furniture – this will allow you to decide if furniture will fit through doorways or if you will need to take off doors or disassemble furniture prior to your moving day.
  2. Organize by Room – design a floor plan for where each item is going to be placed in the new house and label them accordingly, this will guide your helpers into moving furniture into the proper rooms making setup and unpacking simple for you. Remember to assess your furniture as well, if it is no longer needed or not in great condition, consider donating it to charity and getting a fresh start in the new house.
  3. First In, Last Out – remember to pack the moving trucks with careful thought, consider planning for important items to be put on last so you have quick access after the move.
  4. Clean and Prepare – Cleaning your furniture prior to moving will allow you to settle in faster at the new home. Wrapping furniture in protective materials in advance will save you time on your moving day and will keep them clean and safe during the move.

Getting Help

Packing and moving an entire house can be a daunting process which is why it is important to have help. There are several options for getting help, each having pros and cons.

Recruiting the help of friends and family members on your moving day is a great option that is low-cost and effective, they can also be great help when preparing and packing prior to the moving day. However, if time is of essence it may be worth your money to hire professional movers who can offer a full packing service or even just experienced help. This option is sure to have your items packed quickly and safely for transport.

No matter the choice you make, having help will be sure to move things along faster and reduce the stress on your moving day.


Having the right equipment for your move can make the process faster, safer, and easier for you and the people helping you. Here is a list of some tools and equipment that are crucial to your moving day and how they can help you:

  1. Furniture Sliders – sliding furniture rather than lifting or dragging is a great way to minimize your effort and increase efficiency. You can even use household items as furniture sliders to save money, just remember to use soft material such as a towel on hard floors, and harder sleek material such as a frisbee on carpeted floors.
  2. Moving Blankets – Moving blankets are important to use on valuable or fragile furniture when you want to minimize dings and scratches. We offer a wide selection of moving blankets at The Packaging Company that are sure to protect your furniture and walls from damage during the moving process.
  3. Stretch Wrap – Stretch wrap is great for securing drawers and cupboards in place while moving, they are also useful for securing moving blankets in place on the valuable furniture. We offer several different sizes of stretch wrap here at The Packaging Company that will be sure to fit your needs.
  4. Dollies – Dollies are great tools to have for awkward to carry or heavy furniture like washers and dryers, there are other solutions such as shoulder dollies which are a great substitute for the areas that a dolly is unable to access.
  5. Straps and Harnesses – Tools such as carrying straps, ratchet straps and moving harnesses are valuable for your moving day, they can help move your furniture with ease and keep it safe during transport. At The Packaging Company we have a large selection of ratchet straps that will be sure to keep your belongings secure during the move.

Get Quality Moving Supplies with The Packaging Company

Here at The Packaging Company we know your personal items hold tremendous value, which is why we want to help you get them to their new home safely. If you are looking for high quality packing materials, consider purchasing from The Packaging Company. For any move from big to small, we have you covered. Our wide range of products will help to make your move stress-free and be sure to protect your furniture. Take a look at our wide selection of moving supplies today!