How To Protect Fragile Items When Moving Homes

Moving to a new home is an exciting opportunity to start fresh, however moving over all your belongings can be a time consuming and tiresome task. It is vital that you give yourself plenty of time and use high quality moving supplies when organizing and packing your belongings for transport, especially your breakable items. You want to be sure that your fragile items will make it to your new home in one piece which is why The Packaging Company decided to share some helpful tips and tricks for moving your delicate belongings.

Prepare and Purchase

You want to take careful consideration when packing your fragile belongings to avoid any damage during the moving process. It is helpful to go around the house and make an inventory of the fragile items that need to be packed. After creating an inventory, you can get an idea of what moving supplies you will need to purchase to protect your items, it is better to have extras as the cost of packing materials is typically far less than the cost of your item should it get damaged during the move. The Packaging Company offers a wide range of high-quality moving supplies that can help you check off your list, here are some items to consider for packing purposes:

  • Tapes (packing, fragile, sealing) – Tape is a low-cost material that is crucial for a successful move. Do not hesitate to double seal the bottoms of heavy boxes and be sure to use fragile tape on boxes filled with your breakables.
  • Cardboard Boxes (high quality, various sizes) – Having different size boxes will allow you to fit appropriately sized items within them, try to place heavier items in smaller boxes for safe transport. High quality boxes are essential for keeping your belongings safe. Make sure the box is sturdy and thick, never use boxes that are flimsy or have “give” to them.
  • Packing Paper – Packing paper will be very important when it comes to wrapping and protecting your valuables, be prepared to wrap each item individually and oftentimes in multiple layers. Packing paper is also great for layering the bottom of boxes and stuffing the loose space around items to prevent shifting during the move
  • Bubble Wrap – Bubble Wrap is another crucial tool for wrapping valuable objects, it is especially important to wrap dainty objects that have unique shapes and protruding pieces in order to prevent these items from becoming damaged. Foam is another suitable option for wrapping important items.
  • Void Filler (packing peanuts, tissue paper, packing paper) – Void Fillers are necessary to make sure that your items do not move around in the boxes after being packed. It is good to have an assortment of options when it comes to filler.
  • Pliable Cardboard – Flexible cardboard is used to wrap fragile items for a firm layer of protection, this allows you to pack multiple obscurely shaped objects in a box as each one is wrapped in its own protective layer.
  • Moving Blankets – Moving blankets are perfect for preventing damage to large items that are delicate, use them to wrap around mirrors, large picture frames, artwork, TV’s, and even antique furniture.
  • Labels, Scissors, Markers – Simple materials like markers are important to a have on hand to write on the boxes and labels (destination, contents, fragile, etc.). Scissors are important for cutting filler and tape to size, you can also consider a tape gun that will both tape and cut.
  • Gloves – Paper cuts are no fun! Make sure you are using the proper protective equipment to keep yourself, and your help, protected while packing your home.

Household Fragile Items and Packing Tips

There are many different types of fragile items that need to be taken special care of during the moving process. We made a list of the most common fragile household items and important packing tips to go along with them:

1.Dishes – Plates should be individually wrapped with packing paper and stacked vertically in the box. Do not forget to use packing paper to create a layer of padding on the bottom of the box and fill in the gaps between plates. Glasses should be stuffed with packing paper and wrapped individually, consider using pliable cardboard to separate cups or getting a cardboard divider insert like the ones offered by The Packaging Company.

2. Electronics – When it comes to valuable electronics like your TV, you will want to make sure you have an appropriate sized box. The Packaging Company offers several different sizes of moving boxes for your TV and accessories. Make sure to remove all wiring and accessories then wrap the electronics in bubble wrap and moving blankets to protect the items while they are inside the box, do not forget to fill the gaps!

3. Picture Frames – Small and medium size picture frames can be wrapped individually with packing paper or bubble wrap then stacked vertically in the box for transport. Large picture frames can be wrapped in bubble wrap and moving blankets and should be transported separately.

4. Decorative Items – Items such as figurines, vases and other unique fragile items should be evaluated individually for ideal wrapping. Most of them can be safely transported with layers of bubble wrap, pliable cardboard, and filler to keep them safe. If any object has a hollow centre be sure to use filler. Pay close attention to any pieces that extend out from the body of the object and take special care to protect those sections.

Common Mistakes

When packing fragile items, it is important to take your time and prepare your pieces as best as possible. Ensure that boxes are not being overpacked, you want your items to be protected not only from outside elements but also from other objects within the box. Do not be shy with the void filler as the less movement inside the boxes, the better protected your items will be. Weight is another crucial aspect, keeping boxes an appropriate weight will ensure the bottoms do not unfold or break.

Ultimately, knowing how to use moving supplies properly and having high quality products are the key to protecting your valuables.

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