Hot Wheels scale model cars are a popular children’s toy that delight customers and collectors. Though small, they make a significant impact when received as a gift. The excitement and joy these toys bring children and collectors across the globe is greatly elevated by the perfect shipping methods and packaging you choose. However, packaging has an additional benefit you should consider.

When you send these products as an individual or business, you need to ensure the shipping process keeps these exceptionally designed toys intact and preserved in their freshly manufactured condition. Knowing how to ship Hot Wheels can make the difference between an incredible unboxing experience after which your recipient receives the perfect toy and disappointment at receiving a damaged or broken scale model car. Today’s article will share the best methods to ship Hot Wheels and fill your recipient’s heart with joy.

3 Materials to Use when Shipping Hot Wheels

Before considering how to ship this entertaining toy, you will need to consider the three key materials to use when shipping Hot Wheels. You can protect each small part and feature of this collectible toy with high-quality packaging materials. The main materials you should consider are listed below.

Corrugated Boxes

4. Corrugated Boxes

Your package requires durable corrugated boxes that can withstand any impact during shipping. You also require the correct-sized corrugated box, which you can easily find at The Packaging Company.

If you are looking for a highly robust box to ship your product to collectors, double wall options are strong and can protect the valuable item as it reaches your recipient or customer. They feature two layers of corrugated walls that contain fluting to defend the scale model cars against impact.

Packing Tape

Custom Tape - The Packaging Company

With the right packing tape, you can seal the Hot Wheels cars inside your corrugated box, enhance the chances of safe shipping, and impress your recipient with an eye-catching design if you use custom tape.

Custom tape can display any message you would like your recipient to see. Whether you are a business or an individual sending these products to customers or collectors, you can enhance the unboxing experience using the logo of your choice. You can upload the logo via The Packaging Company’s custom shop to ensure the excitement begins the moment your recipient gets their package.

Void Fill

biodegradable packing peanuts

Void fill is an important material to use when shipping Hot Wheels. This material will fill any gaps in the corrugated box and ensure the collectible toy does not move around in the package. The more the scale model toy remains fixed in place, the less damage it will sustain.

There are multiple types of void fill you can select, from biodegradable packing peanuts to Instapak Quick® foam packaging. While biodegradable packing peanuts may be an excellent option if you are packing multiple Hot Wheels collectibles, Instapak Quick® foam packaging can work if you are a business selling a single-scale model car.

4 Key Steps to Follow when Shipping Hot Wheels

Considering the need to protect fragile parts and create a special unboxing experience, there are four key steps to follow when shipping Hot Wheels. Here are the steps to deliver your product as a seller or send these collectibles to others.

Consider the Quantity of Hot Wheels Toys You Need to Ship

You will first need to consider the quantity of Hot Wheels toys you need to ship. The quantity of toys you send will help you determine the number of shipping boxes you need to use and the packaging required to protect each scale model car.

For example, you may be sending two toys, requiring you to select a shipping box that is 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Alternatively, you may be sending a single-model car, meaning you can afford to select a slightly smaller box. Ensure you match the quantity of Hot Wheels toys and their size to the appropriate sized box for optimal shipping and fewer requirements for large amounts of void fill.

Use Bubble Wrap to Protect your Fragile Hot Wheels Toy

Before shipping, ensure you use bubble wrap to protect your fragile Hot Wheels toy. If you are an individual sending a single item to a collector, you may only need small amounts of bubble wrap. You can cut the bubble wrap to a specific size, measuring approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. To wrap it perfectly, place the scale model toy in the bottom left corner of the bubble wrap and wrap the Hot Wheels collectible from the left side to the right.

You can secure the bubble wrap with packing tape to ensure the Hot Wheels toy is not dislodged.

As a business sending multiple toys, you may require larger quantities of bubble wrap, which is where bubble roll can come in handy. This option is easier to cut thanks to its perforated sections, spread out every 12 inches, ensuring the packing process is faster and more efficient.

Select Void Fill in Addition to Shipping Boxes

As mentioned, the shipping boxes you require will be a minimum of 7 inches in length and 5 inches in width. However, you may select larger boxes if you need to ship more than two multiple-scale model toys.

You will need to select void fill in addition to shipping boxes. One of the optimum void-fill options is eco-friendly packing peanuts, which give your collectible gift the additional protection it needs against bumps and knocks. Alternatively, you may consider foam planks or use Instapak Quick® foam packaging to reinforce the shipping box you use and fill voids to keep the Hot Wheels model car fixed in place.

Seal Your Shipping Box

Finally, you will need to seal your shipping box. Take the additional step of checking for spaces and gaps and eliminating movement with extra void fill. After this, you can use custom tape with a “fragile” label to close the flaps on the shipping box and ensure your delivery is handled with extra care.

How to Safeguard Hot Wheels Collectibles During Transit with Insurance and Tracking

Since these popular scale model cars are valuable to collectors, it’s worth considering how to safeguard Hot Wheels collectibles with insurance and tracking processes during transit. In terms of shipping insurance, you may consider using registered mail. Multiple options, often called Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express, are available.

Many shipment companies will also offer tracking services and receipts to confirm the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery. The tracking options are free with specific shipping services, but if you also require signature confirmation, this is an additional service you can select for a fee.

Find Top Packaging Solutions at The Packaging Company to Ship Hot Wheels

If you need to send Hot Wheels to collectors or customers as an individual or business, The Packaging Company has the packaging solutions that will work for you. Double wall shipping boxes, custom packing tape, and eco-friendly void fill are just a few solutions we offer to help you package your collectible scale model cars, create an impressive unboxing process, and deliver damage-free Hot Wheels, no matter their fragility.

Find top packaging solutions at The Packaging Company to ship Hot Wheels. Use excellent packaging to ensure your scale model car reaches your recipient in its brand-new state.