The shipping process can be treacherous for fragile items, so e-commerce companies need to use effective protective materials to ensure that items arrive at their destination in one piece. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use bubble wrap.

A simple combination of bubble wrap and packing tape is a surefire way to ensure your items remain intact throughout their journey. To find out why bubble wrap is an effective protective material and how to use bubble wrap properly, we’ve compiled this complete guide.

Why is Bubble Wrap an Ideal Protective Material?

Bubble wrap’s unique construction makes it an ideal material for shipping valuable items that may be prone to cracking or smashing. From glassware to china, bubble wrap provides effective cushioning that protects items from extreme impact, ensuring your customers receive them in one piece.

Even if you gently shake a package, fragile items may break, so using bubble wrap or similar material, like like PAPERbubble®, is essential. The air-filled bubbles in bubble wrap provide a cushion layer that absorbs shock, evenly distributing the impact force. This stops the item from absorbing this force, keeping it safe from harm.

Bubble sizes can make a big difference in how effective this material is. Wraps with a smaller bubble size are better suited to smaller, less fragile items, as the cushioning layer tends to be thinner. However, using smaller bubbles can be beneficial if you need to add more than one layer of wrapping, as this tends to be more flexible.

Larger bubble sizes are suitable for shipping items that are large or exceptionally fragile, as they provide more space for the air to compress and absorb the impact of drops and bumps during shipping.

How To Use Bubble Wrap

Here’s a guide to getting the most out of your bubble wrap to protect your items:

1. Gather Your Supplies

The first stage of using bubble wrap is to gather the necessary supplies. This typically includes packing tape, scissors, and the appropriate-sized bubble wrap. It’s essential to assess the different sizes of bubble wrap and gather enough bubble wrap for your item, as you’ll need to provide multiple layers of protection.

If your items are only very small, you can use smaller bubble wrap to secure your item but consider using multiple layers. If you’re shipping large items, we recommend using wrap with larger bubbles, as this will provide more rigid support during shipping.

2. Wrap the Item with an Initial Bubble Wrap Layer

You can begin wrapping the item by placing it in the center of your bubble wrap, laid out on a flat surface. Completely surround the item with bubble wrap, ensuring that there are no gaps, especially in areas that are very fragile, such as around thinner and more delicate designs. You can secure this with packing tape to keep the first layer in place.

3. Wrap The Item in a Second Layer of Bubble Wrap

The next stage to wrapping your item is to repeat the second step again. Providing an additional bubble wrap layer provides another cushioning layer that can absorb even more shock.
This is beneficial for items that are made of glass or ceramic, as they may be more prone to breaking while in transit. Again, secure this around the middle and flatten any parts that stick out to ensure there are no weaknesses in your protective layers.

4. Place the Item in a Shipping Box

Once you’re happy with the number of bubble wrap layers, you can gently place this in a shipping box. Try to keep this box as close to the size of the item as possible. This will reduce the amount of free space that smaller items have to move around and bump against the sides of the box.

5. Fill Any Empty Space in the Box with Packing Material

Although bubble wrap provides adequate protection, you can further reinforce your protective packaging by using filler to stop items from moving inside boxes. We recommend using Kraft crinkle paper that keep items fixed in place.

Tips for Using Bubble Wrap

Here are some of the best tips for using bubble wrap effectively:

  • Wrap items tightly: You should make sure that items are wrapped tightly with bubble wrap. This will stop items from potentially falling out of protective bubble wrap layers and getting damaged.
  • Use the right size packaging: While you shouldn’t use packaging that’s too big for your items, you should also try not to force bubble-wrapped items into small packages. This will put excess pressure on the most delicate part of your items, risking damage.
  • Don’t reuse bubble wrap: Although we’re all trying to find more ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, you shouldn’t reuse bubble wrap. Reused bubble wrap may offer less protection, especially if any of the bubbles have popped.
  • Label boxes as fragile for additional protection: Bubble wrap does a lot to protect packages, but you should reinforce this with fragile labels on your packages. This will ensure everyone handles your packages carefully, keeping your items safe from harm.

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