It’s the most wonderfully hectic and chaotic time of the year. Whether you’re setting up sales, packing customer orders or doing your own personal shopping, it seems like so many things can slide through the cracks. Like adding a little holiday flair to your shipping packaging. Thankfully, tissue paper (and its fancy cousin, custom tissue paper) is here to help with that.

If you’re working with a budget, tissue paper is a great way to give a festive jolt to your packaging without having to overhaul everything about it. Even if you’re simply using kraft boxes (or your existing custom boxes), some holiday-coloured tissue paper brightens up the entire unboxing experience.

So, what are your options? And what are the best ways to use tissue paper in your holiday packaging?

Tissue paper: classy and always a great idea

Tissue paper is just the best, isn’t it? It feels great to the touch, creates an awesome crinkly sound and makes anything look classy. And it makes adults play with packaging like they’re kids again.

Your best choices are the Christmas triad: white, red and green. But you can theme it any way you like: blue and white sheets mimic snow, pink and purple make an expensive-looking combo, and even adding black can liven things up. Just keep it colourfully well-paired and your holiday packaging will sing.

Custom tissue paper: unique and unforgettable

If tissue paper is so popular simply by being itself, imagine how eye-catching and attention-grabbing custom tissue paper is!

It’s an opportunity to use your branding elements—whether that’s logos, colours or something else—in conjunction with holiday colours and graphics. It’s showy, it’s exciting and it’s super easy to do.

Grab your chosen graphic (whether that’s your logo or a custom pattern piece you’ve designed), and sit yourself down in front of our custom tissue paper maker. It’s a free, easy-to-use online packaging design tool that’ll let you choose a pattern style, adjust sizing and angles, and use up to two colours. Have fun, let your festive and creative sides out, and show off your brand-new packaging creation in your packaging strategy.

Tissue paper + custom tissue paper: an iconic duo

Combining standard tissue paper and custom tissue paper creates a look that’s unique and helps stretch your packaging supplies a little further.

Standard tissue paper is economical but it relies on colours to garner attention. And custom tissue paper is eye-catching but pricey if multiple sheets are used at once. So, just use one of each. Together.

A sheet of standard tissue paper can complement the colours and designs used in the custom tissue paper. And a sheet of custom tissue paper doesn’t have to work as hard to drive home the holiday theme when it’s paired with coloured tissue paper. Be sure to show us your combinations!

Don’t forget to consider a tissue paper rack for your leftover tissue: it’ll keep your sheets crisp and clean and stored safely in one place.

So, now that you’ve chosen your tissue paper (nice choices, by the way!), here’s three great ways to use it in your holiday packaging.

Folded tissue paper: best unboxing tactic ever

Part of what makes unboxing experiences so memorable is the anticipation they generate. You see a box, you know something’s inside, and you get to work on opening it. After you’ve cut the tape and unfolded the box flaps, tissue paper acts as a stop sign. You hold up, you survey the tissue’s colours or patterns, its paper quality, and just how opaque or see-through it is.

And then you lift the folded sheet, like a veil, and reveal what’s below it.

There’s really not much more to say about it than that. But we’ll paraphrase the favourite saying of a certain comic book guy: Best. Unboxing tactic. Ever.

Wrapped tissue paper: every product becomes its own gift

This one’s a little less common, but no less interesting. Every product or item gets wrapped in its own sheet of tissue paper and ends up looking like a gift. It certainly takes a little more time (and skill, as you’re essentially wrapping presents), but the payoff can be worth it. It’s memorable, it’s unexpected, and it looks really, really good. Try it!

Crumpled tissue paper: chaotic, inviting and downright fun

Here’s where you get to have real fun. Just grab a sheet (or three) and crumple it up. Let however you’re packing an order dictate how you use it. You can crush them into balls of crinkled tissue paper and drop them into the box, or crush them lengthwise and lay them overtop your products. It’s padding, it’s interesting, and it’s all up to you. Enjoy it!

So, now that you’ve chosen your tissue paper and settled on a style—want a great way to top it all off?

Custom Labels: the perfect finish to perfect holiday packaging

Sure, you can use tape to keep folded or wrapped tissue paper closed. But custom labels let you do the same thing with serious style. Imagine a round label with a cute message (or a naughty one, we don’t judge!), sitting right on top of your wrapped gift. It adds yet another layer to the holiday unboxing experience and makes the anticipation festively unbearable.

And it’s so simple to do! Visit the Custom Shop, chose your custom label shape and get to designing with our free online packaging design tools. You can add festive colours, write your message, upload a photo—or even add stock artwork to your label (and we have a Christmas category ready and waiting for you!). We can’t wait to see what you make.

If you’re the type who’s serious about their Christmas wrapping skills (admit it, you have a wrapping station ready to go, don’t you?), custom label rolls go great with label dispensers. You simply load the roll into the dispenser and it’ll make peeling them a breeze. Look—no damaged nails, and now there’s plenty of time to relax and enjoy a hot chocolate (we take mini marshmallows with ours, thanks!).

Whether you settle on tissue paper or custom tissue paper (or tissue paper AND custom tissue paper together, wow!), we bet your customer orders (and Christmas presents) will look amazing. Be sure to share your efforts with us—we’d love to see your creations. Happy wrapping and happy holidays!