Picture yourself on a beach—the sand between your toes, the relaxing melody of the tides, the sun on your skin. What do you think would complete this (arguably) already-perfect moment? For many people, their answer would be an ice-cold Corona Extra. With a lime on the rim.

Created in 1925 by German immigrants in Mexico, Corona is now exported the world over. It’s also become particularly well-loved in the United States, where it’s the nation’s #1 imported beer. Its lighter alcohol content is seen by Americans as being perfect for long days of partying with friends and family on the beach.

Corona’s packaging—like its products—is refreshing. It’s bright, airy and quenches thirst just by looking at it. That’s why we’re happy to give them the honorific of iconic packaging.

Corona Extra Classic Bottle

Corona Extra: Classic Bottle

Corona Extra is a beer that’s very different from its competitors, and its packaging is intended to reflect this. While most brands opt for darker glass bottles that help protect their beer from the effects of the sun, Corona chooses to house their brew in transparent ones. That decision showcases the natural beauty of their bright yellow beer. It’s pretty inviting.

Corona further differentiates itself by using a bright and contrasting color scheme that draws the eye in, rather than the dark, dominant colors that other beer brands tend to employ. Corona’s corrugate-based 24 packs and chipboard-based six-packs keep its logo on a white background, making them instantly recognizable in a sea of beer containers.

  • “Why the lime?” is a question that many people ask. Urban legends include it warding off flies, sanitizing the bottle rim, and even improving the taste of skunky beer (you don’t just throw Corona away, after all). Regardless of the reason, the lime has become synonymous with the clear and clean bottle. A Corona just isn’t the same without one.

Corona Extra Coronita Bottle

Corona Extra: Coronita

Ever hero needs a good sidekick. Batman has Robin, Bugs Bunny has Tweety Bird, and Corona has the Coronita. As a smaller version of the Corona bottle, these guys possess a cuteness factor not normally associated with beer. They attract the attention of both new beer drinkers and those intimidated by having to finish a whole bottle.

  • An interesting fact—in Spain, Corona is registered as “Coronita” due to another alcohol brand owning the rights to the Corona name.

What’s more, its small size gives it a versatility like no other beer out there. People use Coronitas in plenty of innovative and interesting ways, but none as popular as the Coronarita. That’s a margarita with an upside-down Coronita jutting out of it. Its unique look has made it one of the most shared drinks on social media and has attracted attention to beer’s potential use in other cocktails.

Corona Mega

Corona Extra: Mega

Some people simply can’t get their fill of Corona Extra—the classic bottle just isn’t enough of a good thing for them. So, Corona has made the mega bottle, looking just like your everyday Corona, except it’s jumbo-sized. These bottles are perfect for sharing with friends, using in a big punch bowl, or for really getting a party started.

Corona Cans

Corona Extra: Stackable Cans

Some places ban glass bottles for safety. Thus, enters the aluminum can, ensuring people can enjoy their beer everywhere (within reason, and responsibly, of course). Corona Extra cans are relatively new to the Corona lineup, having been around for only a decade or so. And while they aren’t as popular as their clear-bottled siblings, the cans nonetheless experience strong sales.

Corona’s recent packaging innovation involves eliminating the need for plastic six-pack rings. Their new stackable cans are threaded on the top and bottom, enabling up to 10 cans to be screwed together. They not only eliminate environmentally-damaging plastic rings that could end up in the ocean, they’re a convenient way to carry cans and have great marketing potential.

Corona’s also experimenting with biodegradable six-pack rings made from plant fibers. They hold beer just as tightly as their plastic counterparts, but contain no plastic and will naturally biodegrade

Corona Extra: Bio-Based Rings

Corona POP Displays

As a lifestyle brand seeking to captivate people, Corona employs gorgeous point-of-purchase displays that feature sunny, beach-themed imagery. Usually printed in striking color on corrugated board, they help keep the spirit of summer alive all year long.

They even offer merchandise and other add-ons that are perfect for enjoying with a Corona. Towels are gorgeous when laid out on the beach, blankets keep lovers warm after the sun goes down, and hammocks are an ideal place to relax and sip an ice-cold Coronarita.

As a beer that celebrates being different, Corona is a true innovator when it comes to its packaging. Its pride is as clear as its bottles, and its emphasis on eliminating packaging is market-leading. We’re excited to see how their iconic packaging will evolve in the future.

Can you think of any packaging that you feel surpasses Corona Extra? Be sure to let us know!