The Packaging Company loves packaging—that’s certainly no surprise. Seeing how colours, fonts, materials, textures and designs come together to form a whole is indisputably interesting. Sometimes the result is good-looking, sometimes it’s merely functional, but sometimes, it’s like magic coalesces into a smart, usable, stunning piece of packaging. We like to call that iconic packaging, and we love sharing it with you.

Givenchy, founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, is a luxury fashion house specializing in celebrating women and their experiences. Over time, it has expanded into the realms of haute couture clothing, perfumes and cosmetics. Givenchy’s understanding of beauty, design and form has turned it into a brand that is respected and lovingly envied across the world. One look at the packaging of their products, and it’s easy to see why.

Packaging is a direct reflection of a brand, summarizing its values, philosophy and personality. It’s one of the first things that people see of your brand, and often becomes the first thing they’ll talk about when it comes to your business. Branding and packaging are vitally important, and Givenchy understands that.

Iconic Packaging: Dahlia Divin

Every aspect of their packaging and design is meticulously chosen, and Dahlia Divin eau de parfum is a lovely example. Beveled and looking like crystal with gold accents, its bottle conveys luxury and a true appreciation of form, while its packaging is covered in rich creams and embossed with gold. It all comes together to create a singular, outstanding look that makes Givenchy stand out not only from other cosmetic brands, but world-famous brands as well.

Iconic Packaging: Le Rouge

Givenchy packaging both replicates and represents the cosmetics held within. The sleek, shiny silver of Le Rouge lipstick’s bullet-like body is matched by the metallic silver stamped across its chipboard display box. Meanwhile, the black-and-white pattern across the genuine leather of the lipstick’s cap is mirrored across the front of the packaging as well. You’ll even notice the distinctive Givenchy motif stamped into the lipstick itself. Together these parts form a whole—it’s not a cosmetic product in a box, it’s a piece of Givenchy’s house itself.

Iconic Packaging: Live Irresistible

And those pieces tell Givenchy’s brand story. The vivid colours, the rich textures, the sleek but powerful shapes of Live Irrésistible eau de parfum all come together to convey how Givenchy follows through on its image, its personality, and its promise. It’s a designer house, dedicated to elevating their products into something that best represents the women using them. Their products, their brand and their packaging is a celebration of women and the qualities they possess—intelligence, leadership and equality.

Iconic Packaging: Prisme Libre

Personality isn’t the only facet of Givenchy’s brand bestowing it with iconic packaging status—there’s an entire history infused in their products like brand DNA. Everything that’s come before in its 60-plus year history has contributed to the brand’s look, its feel and its place in the modern day. It’s a brand equity that runs through every piece they create—where loose powder cosmetics like Prisme Libre exists as part of a product line, yet stands on its own. Every piece celebrates a storied history of fashionable design.

Steeped in personality, philosophy and history, we think Givenchy truly is a house of iconic packaging.

The Packaging Company is a big fan of packaging, and we know you are, too. What packaging do you feel is worthy of iconic packaging status? Let us know on social media, or comment below. From everyone here at The Packaging Company, thanks for loving packing just as much as we do.