Though we’re fans of packaging in general, we can’t deny there’s some packaging that stand out from everything else. It’s a rare moment when a brand creates a style and a look that that becomes timeless, stunning, and endlessly imitated—and we like to call that iconic packaging. We’ve showcased a few of the brands we think have attained this kind of title, and we’d like to add Godiva Chocolatier to the list.

In 1926, Godiva was founded in Brussels, Belgium, by Joseph Draps. What started as a boutique chocolatier has grown into a foundation of more than 450 shops worldwide, found in luxury strip malls, tourist destinations and high-end department stores. By combining high-quality chocolate products with a rich and regal branding design, Godiva holds its own as one of the world’s most luxurious and in-demand brands of chocolate confectionery.

The product selection and branding of Godiva Chocolatier is so storied and broad that it’s difficult to capture in one place. We’ve gathered 5 of our favourite pieces of Godiva packaging, and are glad to share them with you here.

90th Anniversary Gold Collection

Iconic Packaging: 90th Anniversary Box

To celebrate Godiva’s 90th year of chocolate-making, they released the 90th Anniversary Gold Collection in early 2016. Their well-known gold packaging added multi-coloured confetti to its design, while the box housed nine exclusive chocolates inside—one from every decade of its existence, along with a brand new one. It’s a smart, classic choice that we can get behind. And a box of chocolates that we can all fight over, for sure.

The Box that Keeps Giving

Iconic Packaging: The Box that Keeps Giving

For Christmas 2016, Godiva & McCann New York worked together to create a gift box worthy of the chocolatier. Dressed in its signature gold foil and a bright red bow and ribbon, the box (titled The Box that Keeps Giving) is designed to be gifted four times. Its first recipient opens the box to find two boxes—one to keep and one to re-gift. The next recipient opens their box to find two boxes as well, and the re-gifting continues.

It’s clever, it’s gorgeous and it celebrates both chocolate and relationships. And most of all, we love the planning and construction it took to create such a brilliant, memorable piece of packaging.

Chocolate Bar Redesign

Iconic Packaging: Chocolate Bars

In 2017, Godiva decided it was time to once again stand out on the confectionary shelf. As a premium chocolatier, they wanted to retain their luxury look while also having a modern appeal. With a rebranding by Pearlfisher New York, the new bars retained the signature gold foil, while the packaging design drove home that these chocolate bars are not the kind that just anyone could create. It’s simple, effective and functional, like all good packaging should be.

Gems Half-Moon Gift Box

Iconic Packaging: Half-Moon Gift Box

As part of the current lineup, their storied selection of gems (individually hand-wrapped chocolates) have been gathered up into a multiple-piece gift set. As most chocolate (no matter how standard or high-end) tends to come in square or rectangular boxes, the half-moon design and bold red ribbon instantly sets it apart as a premium, unique gift set. Add in the window showing off the wrapped chocolate, and what’s inside is too appealing to resist. We doubt we’d be able to throw that box away. Ever.

Godiva Candles

Iconic Packaging: Candles

When you say the word Godiva, people obviously think of chocolate. That’s why it’s such a (pleasant) surprise to discover the Godiva line extends to ice cream, cheesecake, coffee pods, chocolate liqueurs, and as you can see here, candles. Mimicking the golden foil-wrapped ballotin box their gifts sets most often come in, these candles are instantly recognizable as part of the Godiva family. Lighting any one of them fills a room with the smells of their delicious chocolate. Just be sure to be careful—don’t try to consume any of it.

The Packaging Company loves packaging, especially when it’s as beautifully designed as Godiva’s. What do you feel is worthy of iconic packaging status? Let us know on social media, or comment below. From everyone here at The Packaging Company, thanks for loving iconic packaging just as much as we do.

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