Online shopping is changing how consumers impulse shop for clothes, window shop for shoes and even comparison shop for cameras. It’s also leading to more parcels being shipped to consumers than ever before, prompting delivery services like Canada Post and the United States Postal Service to find new ways to keep up with increasing demand.

One of the most effective is the expanded development of new delivery receptacles like community mailboxes (and the growing proliferation of options like Amazon Smart Lockers) that allow for safe dropping—that is, the successful delivery of a parcel to a locked, yet easily-accessible and protected location. This protects the parcel from bad weather and theft while letting a customer retrieve their parcel without the inconvenience of a trip to the post office.

And while it works in theory, it’s not always possible in practice. If a parcel’s too big to fit inside, it’ll be left on a customer’s doorstep or a pick-up notice will be placed on their front door. That leaves the delivery vulnerable to porch pirates or forces a customer to drive to the post office, creating hassle for everyone involved.

That’s why The Packaging Company is proud to introduce Right Mailers™. Mail Without Fail.

What is Right Mailers?

It’s a patent-pending e-commerce packaging evaluation and optimization system. Simply put, it’ll help your business choose the shipping container that’ll give your parcels the greatest chance for a successful First Delivery—that is, getting orders to your customers securely on the first delivery attempt.

How does Right Mailers work?

Despite being such a powerful system, it’s remarkably quick and easy to use. We’ve integrated it directly into our platform, letting you find the Right Mailers certified packaging you want—you guessed it—quickly and easily.

While shopping, you’ll see a Right Mailers column in the product grids of Right Mailers-compatible packaging categories. For every product in the grid, this column displays a set of icons that’ll tell you what kind of delivery receptacle that piece of packaging can fit in. If the icon’s highlighted then you’re good to go, and if it’s greyed out it’s too large to reliably fit.

Right Mailers: Indestructo Mailers Category Grid
Indestructo Mailers Category Page Grid: Right Mailers Icons

You’ll also find the same set of icons on the product page itself, along with a Right Mailer certified badge on the product picture. Using the question mark on product grids or the “What’s This?” link on product pages, you can view a pop-up with more information on the styles of delivery receptacles the Right Mailers system covers.

Right Mailers: Indestructo Mailers Product Page
Indestructo Mailers Product Page: Right Mailers Icons & Badge

While you’re there, we encourage you to sign-up for the Right Mailers mailing list. It’ll let you know when new styles of delivery receptacles are added.

Right Mailers: Pop-Up
Right Mailers Pop-Up Window & Sign-Up Bar

If you’re in the Custom Shop and wondering if custom boxes are Right Mailers-compatible, you’re in luck. While designing your new boxes, the Right Mailers system will update on-screen along with your chosen box dimensions. You can be sure your new branded packaging will not only look fantastic, it’ll have the greatest chance of a successful First Delivery, too.

Right Mailers: Custom Colour Boxes Designer
Custom Colour Boxes Designer: Right Mailers updates in real time.
Right Mailers: Custom Branded Boxes Designer
Custom Branded Boxes Designer: Right Mailers updates as you choose a box size.

During shipping, printed Right Mailers labels are an effective way to brand your parcel as being Right Mailers certified. Using them visually communicates to delivery services that your parcel is capable of fitting into your chosen delivery receptacle—and lets your customers know you’re committed to the safety, security and First Delivery of their order.

Once you’ve determined your packaging and qualifying delivery receptacle, you can find the matching Right Mailers labels here:

Why use Right Mailers?

It benefits everyone along the delivery process—your business, the delivery service and your customers.

When you choose Right Mailers certified packaging, it’s far more likely to be delivered on the first try. Successfully delivered parcels aren’t dropped on a customer’s doorstep, which would leave them vulnerable to porch pirates and exposed to rain or snow.

And those successfully delivered parcels don’t require a pick-up notification on a customer’s front door. That means not only do customers not have to deal with wasting time and gas to retrieve their parcel from a post office, the delivery driver doesn’t waste their time and gas on a failed delivery, and post offices don’t have to store parcels in their already over-capacity holding areas.

Right Mailers and its focus on First Delivery not only improves your reputation with customers, it reduces the carbon footprint of the entire process. And as new styles of delivery receptacles are developed, Right Mailers can adopt them into its system. That truly is Mail Without Fail.

Are there other interesting advantages to Right Mailers?

There sure are. Have you heard of contactless delivery? It’s essentially delivering a parcel while minimizing interaction between a delivery driver and a customer. Signatures aren’t required and are replaced by a verbal okay by the customer—usually through a closed door.

A successful First Delivery using Right Mailers is a contactless delivery. Your parcel is left in the chosen delivery receptacle and your customer retrieves it, without interacting with a delivery driver or post office employee. It’s the best solution in public health situations when you want to avoid contact and want a parcel handled by as few people as possible.

Another advantage to optimizing your shipping packaging using Right Mailers is that it often means you shrink the size of your parcels. This lowers your packaging costs, your shipping costs, and once again improves your reputation with your customers (who are very much on the lookout for businesses that are careless with their packaging choices these days).

And finally, for those who’ve had a shipping notice stuck to their door: have you noticed the gummy residue (and torn paper) it leaves behind? Granted, that’s to help it combat the wind (and even that’s not guaranteed), but it’s not exactly easy to clean, is it? And what happens if the wind does take it or some opportunistic person steals it (along with your name, address and other identifying information!)? You might not get notified again before it’s sent back, setting off a long and hassle-filled process to get it delivered again.

Life moves fast and e-commerce seems to move even faster. With competition and customer expectations high, you want your parcels to reach customers quickly, hassle-free and without the dreaded notification for pick-up. Using Right Mailers is an effective way to do that, as it both improves your packaging plans and helps secure that coveted successful First Delivery.

Introducing Right Mailers by The Packaging Company. Mail Without Fail.