Choosing the right packaging supplies is important. Having the wrong type on hand (or not enough of the right type) can set your business back and cost you both time and money. But it’s also important to know how to pack your shipments correctly and find ways to reduce packing times (and packing errors). That’s where entry level automation—gadgets designed to speed up and streamline your processes—can make a difference in your packaging strategy. We previously looked at bag openers, so let’s look at kraft tape dispensers.

So, what are kraft tape dispensers all about?

Tape is arguably the second most important packaging supply out there (right behind corrugated boxes). But depending on the technique you use, it can be a hassle to unroll, measure, cut and apply. Tape dispensers automate much of that hassle, making it easy to access the length of tape you need and cut it cleanly. But kraft tape (also called gummed tape or water activated tape) adds an extra step. Its adhesive needs to be wet with water before it can properly adhere to a corrugated box. Kraft tape dispensers have a water chamber and brush that coats the adhesive side and preps the tape for use.

What exactly is entry level automation?

It’s a way of streamlining some of the steps your small business needs to take while packaging products. It either speeds up actions, reduces the number you need to take, or both. For example, using water activated tape to seal a box involves unrolling, measuring (usually by estimation), cutting, wetting and applying it. Gadgets like kraft tape dispensers let you set the roll in the machine, and as the tape is dispensed, the water chamber and brush automatically wet the adhesive for you.

Tape dispensers come in two options: manually powered and electrically powered. In the manual version, you pull out the tape, the machine wets it, and you use the mounted cutting head to cleanly remove the tape. But with the electrically powered option, you push a button and the machine wets and dispenses pre-determined lengths of tape, then cuts them automatically for you.

Who benefits most from using kraft tape dispensers?

If you’re using kraft packing tape, you’re likely shipping expensive or valuable products. And if you’re a small business or online store, you likely have a small packing team and a lot of orders to fill.  Manually handling all those steps just to apply tape can eat up a considerable amount of time. And when order volumes spike, ensuring your efforts are streamlined can save you from headaches or extra payroll.  

What pairs well with kraft tape dispensers?

As an online store (or small business) using kraft tape dispensers, you have a prime branding opportunity in front of you. Custom packing tape is a simple and cost-effective way to brand every shipment that leaves your premises. Just a couple strips of reinforced kraft tape—patterned with your logo, tagline or other graphics—seals a customer order securely and sings your praises loudly.

Bring out your inner packaging designer. Use our online tools to create your own custom packing tape.

Kraft tape dispensers are a valuable addition to any packaging strategy. By speeding up and simplifying several packing motions, they leave you and your team with more time to spend on other projects. For more information on other gadgets and entry level automation tips, be sure to explore our blog.