With the rising costs of shipping by DIM weight, it’s more important than ever to know if a corrugated box is your best choice. More and more, especially in the world of online shopping, bubble mailers are proving their worth. They’re small, lightweight and padded for extra protection.

So, how do you choose between the two? At first glance, they’re pretty similar, right? But, while they’re both capable of shipping your products, there are some key differences to consider. Let’s turn you into a bit of a bubble mailers expert, shall we?


Kraft paper is a bright, golden colour that instantly catches the eye. It also provides a unique, “natural” look that a lot of e-commerce businesses favour. Polyethylene film has a clean look and a bright white shine. It also lets the bubble cushion inside show through, giving it a sleek, space-age feel.

Wall Type

Kraft paper and bubble cushion make a great pairing, creating rigid mailers that provide slightly better protection than poly bubble mailers. But while poly bubble mailers are less rigid, they’re more flexible so they handle strangely-shaped objects a little better than kraft bubble mailers.


Kraft paper isn’t resistant to water, while polyethylene film is. If your shipment might be ruined by a chance encounter with liquids, poly bubble mailers provide much better protection against moisture and the outdoor elements. Polyethylene material is also puncture- and tear-resistant.

Type of Closure

Both kraft and poly bubble mailers have tamper-evident closures, so you’ll know right away if someone’s attempted to prematurely get to what’s inside. Both mailers also have an easy to use self-seal adhesive strip with a plastic liner, making them quick to close. We know, this one’s a bit of a tie.

Ease of Recycling

Kraft paper may have the “natural” look, but it comes attached to bubble cushioning. Paper and plastic must be separated to recycle them, which means kraft bubble mailers take a little bit of extra work. On the other hand, Poly bubble mailers can go right into the blue box once you’re done with them.

By now, you’ve probably decided which bubble mailer is right for your needs. Though, we’re sure you’ll agree, you can’t lose when it comes to kraft or poly. They’re both attractive, strong and will save you money on DIM weight shipping costs!

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