Make Mask-Wearing Fun: Get Customized Face Masks for Your Business

For over a year now, COVID-19 has been changing the way people go about their daily lives. Many companies have been forced into changing the way they run their business, with more employees than ever working from home. However, not all companies are lucky enough or able to send their employees home and still need front-line workers to keep their business running. If you are one of those businesses, it is more important than ever to keep your employees and customers safe during these unprecedented times. Wearing a mask or face covering is not only recommended but even mandatory in many public places in order to protect yourself and others. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of wearing a face mask and a great way to make mask-wearing fun!

The Importance of Wearing a Mask

There have been many studies and experiments conducted on the efficiency of wearing masks. It has been proven that wearing a mask can significantly reduce and prevent the liquid droplets from talking, breathing, laughing, sneezing or coughing from being expelled and transmitted to the people around you. If everyone wears a mask in public the chances of transmission are significantly reduced, although not eliminated. It is still possible for droplets to escape from the sides or even through the masks and be transferred. Which is why, it is important to combine mask-wearing with other safety measures to reduce your risk of contraction. Here are some tips for the best practices to protect yourself:

  1. Wear a Face Mask in Public Places – The more people who wear masks, the fewer droplets there are being expelled.
  2. Keep your Distance – As mentioned, masks do not completely eliminate the risk of droplets being transmitted. In public places try to stay a minimum distance of 6ft apart from other people to further reduce your risk.
  3. Wash Your Hands – After every interaction and transaction in a public place, including touching your own mask, wash your hands. If there is no access to running water and soap, hand sanitizer is a great alternative.
  4. Wear an Effective Mask / Wear it Properly – Not all masks have the same effectiveness when it comes to preventing droplets from entering the air. Avoid bandanas, vented masks, knitted & fleece masks. If using homemade masks consider using cotton and other blended materials such as polyester and silk as they are proven to be more effective. Also ensure you are wearing an appropriately sized mask that sits from the bridge of your nose to below your chin, with no gaps on the sides.

Customize Face Masks for Your Business at The Packaging Company!

The Packaging Company knows how important safety measures are for a business. We believe that employees will appreciate being supplied all the necessary materials to remain safe during the workday such as masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants and more. Take your company up a notch, prioritize safety measures and provide customizable face masks for your employees (and maybe even some of your customers!). Our face masks are convenient, machine washable and available in both single-ply and double-ply options. Additionally, they are made from an effective and cool blend of silk, spandex and polyester. Customized face masks not only keep your employees safe but acts as a branding tool for your company. You can customize your masks with color, text, stock artwork and even your own logo or other graphics. So, get your customizable face masks now and get advertising today!