Are you shipping clothing as a birthday present? Selling vintage jeans on eBay? Do you specialize in custom t-shirts? No matter what you’re sending, how you send it is just as important.

Let’s take a look at 3 great packaging options for shipping clothing.

Courier Bags: The High-Volume Shipper

Are you shipping everyday clothing like t-shirts, jeans and socks? or sending out a lot of clothing all at once? Then courier bags are a great choice for you. Made of white polyethylene, they’re incredibly durable and resistant to puncturing damage. They’ll protect clothing from water, dirt and even prying eyes, thanks to a secure seal that also makes them tamper-resistant.

Bubble Mailers: The Protected Envelope

Is the clothing you’re sending a little more noteworthy? A blouse that’s been bejeweled or a hand-painted t-shirt that must avoid wrinkling at all costs? Bubble mailers are exactly what you’ll need.

Lined inside with bubble cushion, they’ll help prevent damage to the clothing during its trip. Kraft bubble mailers are an industry-standard—used not only for clothing, but for books, documents and more. Poly bubble mailers provide just a little bit more protection, helping to keep out liquids and sticky fingers before it gets into the right hands.

E-Commerce Boxes: The Ultimate Unboxing Experience

There’s no doubt that getting a delivery is exciting. But why not look beyond the standard kraft-colored carton and think about an e-commerce box? Constructed of sturdy corrugated material, they double not only as a reliable shipping container, but as a display one as well.

Imagine your customer or family member opening up an e-commerce box. Welcomed by the sight of a perfectly-packed item of clothing wrapped in tissue paper, it’s a moment they won’t soon forget.

And if you’re really looking for a wow factor, custom boxes from The Packaging Company absolutely fit that bill. Choose a carton that’s your unboxing style and pick the colors you like best (both inside and out!). Now you’ve got the perfect shipping container. Not only will your customers be surprised by such a vibrant delivery—they’ll never expect stunning color on the inside, too!

Choose the right packaging supplies and you’ll be shipping clothing like a pro. You can’t lose whether you’re using tough courier bags, reliable kraft bubble mailers or custom boxes designed by you. The Packaging Company has what you’ll need to get your deliveries safely into a customer’s hands.