Once the holidays have passed and the New Year’s underway, we often turn our thinking towards cleaning up and organizing. When it comes to our offices and file cabinets, there are always lots of receipts, records and papers that we no longer need but keep holding onto. And then there are those documents we need, but don’t need to keep within easy access.

That’s where a smart record keeping system is a good idea. It lets us organize and file away financial documents, medical records, receipts and more. And with tax season always just around the corner, those papers and records will be needed before too long.

So what should you choose when looking at boxes for tax season?

File & Storage Boxes

Sure, a sturdy corrugated box will always do the trick. But when you’re facing stacks of files and folders, why not consider an actual storage box? Constructed of high-quality corrugate, it’s got the strength to handle the weight that’ll build up quickly from all that paper. Their features include:

  • Reinforced handholds for easy carrying
  • Options for closable or removable lids
  • Box and lid colors such as kraft, white, green and red
  • Pre-printed areas for labelling and writing

Tip: Use different box lid colors to sort between years, subjects or clients!

Bonus Tip: Upcarts are the ideal companion when moving your records around. Storage boxes stack perfectly on them, and will help save your back in the long run!

Plastic Bins

Looking for a little more strength in your storage box? Looking for protection from moisture? Or maybe you’d just like a box that looks different altogether? You won’t need to look any further than a plastic storage bin.

Plastic bins are especially great for tax documents. Solid, one-piece body construction means extra protection to anything placed in it. Their features include:

  • Locking lids in various styles that keep out light, dirt and dust
  • Available in a number of colors and sizes
  • Plastic body means larger and heavier objects can be stored inside

Using storage boxes and plastic bins in tandem can make your organizing system even better. When you’re ready to store away last year’s storage boxes, place them in plastic bins and make room on your shelves for even more storage boxes!

Whatever option you choose when it comes to boxes for tax season, rest easy knowing that The Packaging Company has what you’ll need to keep your files organized and in one place. Don’t forget packing tape or plastic ties for some extra and simple security on your storage boxes!