The definition of a small business depends on the country you are operating in. In the U.S., a small business is defined as a business with less than 1,500 employees and makes no more than $38.5 million annually. In Canada, a small business is a business with less than 100 employees.

Not including self-employed solo businesses, Canada has just over a million small businesses across the country. Despite what you may think, it is the small businesses that make a country’s economy what it is, rather than the multi-national conglomerates. Small businesses need to have a way of competing, and custom packaging solutions can help give businesses that competitive edge.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging refers to utilizing packaging custom-fitted to your product. It can be as simple as using boxes that fit your exact product dimensions, or as specific and detailed as custom tape, tissue paper and coasters. There are dozens of different packaging products you can customize, and several ways to custom those products such as size, color, and logo inclusion.

While custom packaging may be seen as a luxury for larger companies, small businesses can greatly benefit from these custom solutions in a variety of ways. There are many inexpensive options to start your custom packaging journey!

First Impressions

When somebody visits your business or opens a package from you for the first time, you want them to feel good. Custom packaging evokes an initial reaction regardless of your industry. If somebody orders from you and receives a plain, uninspired box that’s too big for the product and stuffed with void fill, this might be enough to stop them from buying from you again.

On the other hand, a bright and fit-for-purpose package may delight or engage your customer and keep them coming back; this works for eCommerce, custom coasters at bars or restaurants, custom coffee sleeves from cafes and so many more business models.

Brand Awareness & Recognition

Brand awareness and recognition are often used interchangeably, but there are major differences. Brand recognition is when people see something associated with your brand and recognize it; custom packaging is great for this as a simple logo on a box, a cup or even packing paper could make the person think of your business.

Brand awareness goes a step further, mixing the recognition with a customer’s association of who you are as a business. You want a package to not only be recognizable from you but for the customer to smile and get excited when they see the package. Brand awareness is what makes your company stand out from other companies, and custom packaging can certainly do that.

Affordable & Purposeful Marketing

You are already buying the packaging, so why not optimize your expenses by turning them into a marketing opportunity? By investing a tiny bit extra, you transform a bland brown box into an experience in its own right, exciting the customer and anyone who sees it.

It’s important to remember that your package does not magically appear at the customer’s house – it is going to be seen by many people along the way. Post office workers, delivery drivers, the customers’ friends, and potentially, even their social media followers will all see this luxury packaging. This is phenomenal marketing for just a few extra cents.

Get Affordable Custom Packaging For Your Small Business Today!

Price can be a huge factor in determining whether you as a small business owner, can afford to invest in custom packaging. Here at The Packaging Company, we say that you certainly can afford to go the extra mile!

We provide many price-effective options for large and small companies alike with bulk buying benefits to suit your needs. Get in touch today and see how we can help your company thrive!