Custom boxes are a stellar way to get double the mileage out of your packaging.

Not only will they protect your products, they’ll make your business look seriously good. While your competition’s using plain brown boxes, your custom boxes will shine thanks to rich colours and eye-catching printed graphics.

But, as with many things, you may be asking yourself if they’re ideal for your business. After all, they’re an investment of both time and money—something that can scare off plenty of businesses.

Who should be using custom boxes?

Simply put, any business that ships products and wants to stand out should be using custom boxes. They’re an extra branding opportunity that can’t be overlooked or overvalued in today’s crowded marketplace.

And their benefits don’t stop at branding, either. They build your reputation, protect your products better and can even save you money on shipping costs. If you’re one of the following businesses, custom boxes can be the push that takes you from simply being the competition to becoming an outright category leader.

Online Businesses

As an online-only business, packaging is one of the few chances you get to interact with your customers. Make the most of it by creating custom boxes that properly represent your brand and spur customers to keep on interacting with—and buying from—you.

If you sell luxury products, your boxes should reflect that. An unboxing experience built around a front lock mailer sends the message that your customer’s order is meant for them and no one else. Don’t forget to use custom tissue paper and a thank-you note to up the wow factor.

And if you’re active on social media, work that into the design of your custom boxes. List your social media handles, showcase any special hashtags you use, and encourage customers to share pictures of your packaging and their purchases.

Subscription Box Services

The success of a subscription box lies in just how recognizable its packaging is. A standard kraft box is a safe and reliable choice, sure. But, it’s not guaranteed to make a customer ignore any other parcels they’ve received that day.

That’s where custom boxes come in. With the right design choices—such as bold graphics and vibrant colours—a subscription box will be exciting to see and impossible to resist opening.

Consider playing with box dimensions, such as using a lower box height than normal. When a box easily fits in a customer’s hands, the anticipation it causes can be overwhelming. And that’s very good for you.

Food Prep Businesses & Bakeries

What do businesses like yours want? You want your products protected and kept fresh, of course—and there’s cold packs and insulation packaging for that. But what you really want is for your customers to be drooling uncontrollably the moment they see your packaging.

Custom boxes can do that. Printed packaging is an outstanding way to broadcast your logo and showcase ridiculously good-looking pictures of your food. Our stomachs are already rumbling and we haven’t even seen your pre-cooked meals, fresh baked bread, chili-infused chocolate and… okay, we’ll stop now.

Clothing Stores

The first time a customer picks up a piece of clothing in your store, they experience an adrenaline rush. It’s the excitement of something new, something interesting, and something they desperately want. It’s a reaction that stores like yours tend to live or die by, so it makes sense you’d want to replicate that feeling as much as possible.

That’s why clothing boxes, used to protect newly-bought items, are really intended to cause a second adrenaline rush at home. Customers drop their bags, open their purchases, and feel the burst of excitement all over again. And it makes them far more likely to return to your business.

And guess what? That’s right, custom boxes can do that for you. They’ll play the part of protective packaging while also singing the praises of your business and its brand. After all, it merely takes a split-second glance at a box coloured in robin’s egg blue to make you think of Tiffany’s.

Imagine what your logo and the right colour choices can do for you.

Marketing Businesses

Whether you’re building your business or a client’s, custom boxes are a top-shelf branding vehicle for promotional purposes. They give you the opportunity to make sure every one of your design choices reflects both the business being showcased and its goals.

Box styles (like front lock mailers) can create memorable unboxing experiences. Box dimensions can be customized to fit promotional materials perfectly. And custom printing can express branding, advertise products and promote events using impressive visuals and text.

If you’re a small business just starting out, an online store looking to grab attention, or in the business of branding, custom boxes will serve you well. Be sure to use the custom box designers in our Custom Shop. They’re all you’ll need to create stunning and effective custom packaging.