Single Wall vs. Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are made of paperboard as opposed to the typical cardboard, and have air-filled ruffles, also known as flutes, running throughout them. The ruffles give the boxes a sturdier design and more durability, which may be why the majority of brown boxes associated with parcel delivery are made from corrugated material.

There are 4 primary types of corrugated boxes:

  • Single-phase or single-face: A much weaker material consisting of stacking only 1-2 sheets of liner board.
  • Single wall: The standard box type strengthened with 2 sheets of glued liner board.
  • Double wall: A heavy-duty box strengthened with 3 sheets of glued liner board.
  • Triple wall: An industrial-weight box strengthened with 4 sheets of liner board holding up to 50kg.

Single-face, materials are generally used less for the outer box, and more for cushioning and protecting the product inside the main box. On the other hand, triple wall boxes are almost exclusively used for heavy, industrial materials. Single and double wall corrugated boxes are the main types of boxes used in shipping. So, what’s the difference between single and double wall boxes?

Single Wall Corrugated Box

Also known as 3-ply, single wall corrugated boxes are made of two sheets of liner board glued on either side of the corrugated material to create sturdy, yet light packaging. These are widely used throughout retail, as they are relatively cheap and provide ample support for most products.

Single wall boxes are economical not only in price, but also for the environment as they’re more collapsible and disposable. While perceptions may be that single wall corrugated boxes are weaker, on average, they carry up to 10kg.

Double Wall Corrugated Box

Also known as 5-ply boxes, double wall corrugated boxes are much sturdier. They’re made similarly to single wall boxes, but with an additional layer of both liner board and corrugated material for additional strength and weight-carrying capacity.

Due to the additional rigidity, double wall boxes are typically used in shipping heavier items with a maximum weight limit of around 30kg. It is also great for containing delicate or fragile items, as the rigidity and strength make sure that the product doesn’t break.

Double-wall corrugated boxes are the most widely used boxes for shipping electronics and valuable items, including the lighter products amongst that category.

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