Safely packaging drinkware such as Stanley tumblers and cups requires care. These beloved drinkware products need to maintain their newly manufactured state from the time you package them to the moment they reach your customer. A thoughtfully shipped package that contains these quality tumblers will delight recipients who will appreciate a damage-free product.

Keeping Stanley tumblers in perfect condition throughout transit can be easy with suitable packaging materials, tips, and tools. In this article, we provide the top tips to help you master the art of shipping these drinkware products perfectly so you can keep customers content with excellent quality.

Why Secure and Strategic Packaging is Key for Shipping Stanley Tumblers

Keeping customers satisfied is one reason secure and strategic packaging is important for shipping Stanley tumblers. With specific packaging, you can significantly minimize your shipping costs. The right packaging will be lightweight despite the packaging materials you use and fit multiple cups to reduce the need for multiple shipments if sending several products to the same customer.

Secure and strategic packaging can also eliminate any need to return a damaged product. It will protect the Stanley tumbler, ensure your customer is satisfied, and save your business time and effort to reship another product to replace the damaged cup.

Selecting the Right Packaging Materials when Shipping Tumblers

Selecting the right packaging materials when shipping tumblers involves considering a few factors. If you are shipping several of these drinkware items to one customer, you can choose corrugated boxes as your principal packaging material. To do this, you will need to consider the size of your corrugated box and, for efficient shipping, think about void fill, sealing methods, and strategies to protect the material.

Using Void Fill

Corrugated boxes can contain significant amounts of empty spaces called voids, where your Stanley tumblers can move around. Limiting this movement is key to delivering damage-free cups, and using void fill is one fundamental method.

With void fill, such as packing peanuts, you can reduce the size of the voids in the corrugated boxes so the tumblers do not slide around or crash into other cups you ship in the same box. It can help minimize scratches or chips in the cups’ materials and ensure they reach the customer in excellent condition.

The easiest way to use packing peanut void fill is to select the correct-sized void fill material and evenly distribute it within the packaging. You need to ensure all empty spaces are full to give the Stanley cups maximum protection and the best cushioning.

Using Packing Tape Sealing Methods

Your package needs a sealing method to ensure it does not spring open in transit, and using packing tape can help. The last thing you need is a tumbler to break free from the packaging, fall to the floor, and sustain a scratch or chip. Alongside this, one factor you may need to consider is the weight of the package.

With many tumblers in one shipping box, the weight will be greater. So, when selecting a sealing method, you need a reliable, durable solution that lasts the whole journey, no matter the package’s weight.

With clear packing tape, you can seal your corrugated boxes with superior, reliable holding strength. This simple, adhesive sealing method will keep the box closed until your customer can open their beloved drinkware products.

Since you also need to ensure the crucial seal doesn’t unstick due to moisture, it’s worth relying on moisture-resistant tape, which this option offers. You can apply the tape manually or use a dispenser, which offers many advantages covered below.

Using Carton Sealing Tape Dispensers

Tight seals are essential when shipping tumblers. It ensures the package will stay sealed, no matter the duration of the shipping journey. However, you’ll also need to consider the consistency of the seals.

Consistent seals are crucial to ensure the adhesive and superior holding strength are spread evenly over the gaps in the corrugated box flaps. With a consistent seal, there are fewer chances of the tape unsticking or becoming non-adhesive. Carton sealing tape dispensers are one way to ensure the seal is tight and consistent.

You can use these sealing tape dispensers by loading the tape onto the rubber roller, using the tool to affix the tape to the shipping box, and dispensing it along the meeting point between the two flaps.

Using Tissue Paper

Protecting the material of the Stanley tumbler is essential during transit, as it minimizes the damage the product might sustain. Using tissue paper is an excellent alternative to bubble wrap sheets since it elevates the unboxing experience. Since tissue paper is also delicate, it will minimize the friction against the shiny finish of the tumbler.

You can cut the tissue paper to the correct size and wrap it securely around the tumbler, sealing it with a custom sticker. Don’t forget also to cover the straw to reinforce the packaging care and attention to detail that reflects the cup’s newly manufactured state.

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