Catastrophic weather and life-altering events can happen on a moment’s notice. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place and supplies at the ready.

Whether you’re one person looking to help out or part of a group relief effort, it’s important to be properly prepared. You’ll be able to help those in need while ensuring your own safety.

Here’s a list of tips and supplies for disaster relief that you can use to help yourself and others during a disaster—and don’t forget to download your FREE printable checklist for later!

Supplies for Disaster Relief: Helping Yourself

Helping out in a crisis is a noble thing, but sometimes the job can be too big to handle on your own. It’s a good idea to approach your efforts as helping out until bigger relief can move in.

Dress Properly and wear the right footwear—waterproof boots if there’s rain or flooding, or proper safety shoes if there’s a lot of rubble around. If it’s cold you need to bundle up, and if it’s hot and sunny, protect yourself from heat stroke and sunburn. Don’t forget your gloves and extra face masks in case of poor air quality.

Carry Only The Essentials because supplies will weigh you down—make sure you’re carrying what people will need immediately. Water, first aid and blankets are the right start. You’ll be able to help out while waiting for better equipped first responders.

Save Your Back and wear a quality backpack—you’ll be doing a lot of walking, bending and lifting. You’ll help yourself avoid injury and strain. Don’t forget to lift with your legs, not your back!

Stay Calm because people may be panicked and seeing you calm will help put them at ease. It’ll also keep you clear-headed and on your toes, just in case something else happens.

Supplies for Disaster Relief: Helping Others

It’s important to be ready for the experiences you may have while helping during a crisis. If you’re part of a relief group, you’ll have greater opportunities and sources of supplies to assist people.

Water & Food Rations are important for hydrating survivors who have been stranded for a while.

First Aid Kits are designed to handle serious/numerous injuries while awaiting proper medical attention.

Rubber Gloves & Masks and biohazard supplies will protect yourself and survivors from fluids and air contaminants.

Corrugated Boxes are ideal for carrying supplies that need to be distributed. Branding them with words or icons can let people know help is on the way.

Dollies, Hand Trucks & Carts can help in the removal of dirt, rubble and debris.

Plastic Bins (and extra corrugated boxes) can assist in organizing items and even saving injured pets.

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There’s a lot to think about and do when it comes to supplies for disaster relief. With our assortment of safety and support supplies, we’re confident The Packaging Company has what’s needed to assist survivors and help salvage a location.