When you’re a moving company, every day is moving day.

That’s why it’s important to always be prepared. Dealing with (and selling to) clients, outfitting your team and keeping your business well-stocked takes time. Supplies like moving boxes, hand trucks, bubble wrap packing material and even cardboard tube packaging are ideal to always have on hand.

Check out this list of tips and supplies for moving companies. Whether you’re prepping new employees or getting ready for a client’s moving day, it’ll help keep you and your supplies organized. Don’t forget to download your FREE printable checklist for moving companies below!

Supplies for Moving Companies: Packing up the House or Selling to Clients

Stock your business with the supplies it needs and you’ll be able to pack up a client’s house right. And if your clients are doing the packing themselves, why not offer them the basics?

Corrugated Moving Boxes are the essential moving supply. They’re easy to store when kept flat, and are always in demand.

Flat Screen TV Moving Boxes are incredibly useful (try them for mirrors and artwork). No one keeps the original box anymore, right?

Wardrobe Boxes are the ultimate timesavers during packing and unpacking. Even after moving day’s passed, they’re great for storage.

Markers, Labels & Tape are key to properly sealing up boxes and marking what’s inside (and where they’re going!).

Mattress Bags keep mattresses and box springs free of dirt, and can easily cover some mirrors and furniture items, too.

Divider Kits help prevent fragile items from contacting or colliding with each other. Bubble padded envelopes are also a great choice for protecting smaller items.

Void Fill like bubble wrap, packing paper, peanuts and foam are indispensable.

Moving Starter Kits are a great way for clients to kick start the packing process. It includes moving boxes, packing paper, bubble rolls, packing tape and a black marker—all in one convenient box that can be used to pack away flat items, too!

Supplies for Moving Companies: Prepping Your Team

Outfit your employees right and you’ll help see them through their physically demanding days.

Dressing Properly is their first step. Safety boots are a necessity, as is dressing for the expected weather. Bundling up in the winter, and avoiding heat stroke and sunburns in the summer is essential—and don’t forget rain jackets for wet weather.

Safety Items like gloves, knee and elbows pads and first aid kits should always be kept close by.

Taking Breaks are a good time to recharge with water, snacks and energy bars.

Protecting Their Backs needs to be their number one priority. If they’re going to be lifting heavy furniture and appliances, a quality back support belt is a smart idea. Lifting with their legs and not their backs is always the most important rule of the day.

Supplies for Moving Companies: Your Client’s Moving Day

Organization and proper planning will help your days go off without a hitch.

Stock the truck with extra shoes, pens, rolls of packing tape and bottles of water. Ensuring it’s swept out and clean inside will help with your packing efforts.

Hand Trucks make moving large furniture and appliances much easier. Plastic bins are great for packing and stacking small boxes or other items.

Rug Runners are an easy way to protect floors from mud, shoe treads, furniture legs and more. Their slip-proof underside grip keeps them and other carpets from moving around underfoot.

Shoe Covers/Booties are yet another way to keep floors clean and damage-free.

Moving Blankets help secure furniture once it’s in the truck. This way dents and scratches are avoided as much as possible.

Forearm Forklifts and Carrying Straps can aid in lifting larger objects and strapping them down during transit.

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There’s a lot to think about when it comes to supplies for moving companies. With our assortment of safety items and moving supplies, we’re confident The Packaging Company has what you’ll need to make all your moving days go smoothly—and earn you those well-deserved referrals.