If there’s one thing being a real estate agent teaches you, it’s the benefit of being prepared—not just for yourself, but for your clients too. Quality corrugated boxes, packing supplies and hand trucks are just a few key items that are beneficial to have on hand. You’ll keep yourself ready for anything and show your clients just how committed you are to helping them.

Let’s take a look at this list of tips and moving supplies for real estate agents. Don’t forget to download your FREE printable checklist for real estate agents below.

Supplies for Real Estate Agents: Staging for Clients

When you’re staging a house for showing, there’s a few supplies that’ll make your job much easier.

Hand Trucks make moving around furniture and appliances much easier. If you’re going to be cleaning up, bins and boxes full of cleaning supplies stack up easily.

Rug Runners are a simple way to protect floors, whether you’re moving furniture or worried about tracking in mud or snow.

Booties are a smart item to have on hand, just in case a client’s shoes are dirty.

Supplies for Real Estate Agents: Gifting to Clients

How many times have you said to a client, “I wish I had boxes to give you!”? Well, now you can.

Corrugated Moving Boxes are smart offerings. A small stack of them ensures your client’s smiling and ready to go.

Moving Starter Kits are great gifts. Moving boxes, packing paper, bubble rolls, packing tape and a black marker will kick start their packing process.

Celebratory Baskets or Champagne are an easy classic. Who doesn’t love a gift like that?

A Hug (or Three!) is probably coming your way, so why not be the one to give it?

Supplies for Real Estate Agents: Selling to Clients

Sometimes clients don’t know where to start when it comes to buying packing material and moving supplies. Give them a good start by offering up some basics.

Corrugated Moving Boxes are easy to keep on hand, and always in demand.

Flat Screen TV Moving Boxes are incredibly useful and likely not one that clients will think of buying on their own.

Wardrobe Boxes are timesavers during packing and great for storage us—even after moving day has passed.

Markers, Labels & Tape are the staples of the day. Sealing up boxes and marking where they’re going and what’s in them are key to your client staying organized.

Mattress Bags can keep mattresses and box springs pristine and dirt-free. They’re easily used for covering mirrors and thinner furniture as well.

Divider Kits will keep fragile items separated and free from damage. Smaller mailing tubes are also great for stashing away loose items.

Void Fill like bubble cushion, packing paper and packaging foam are endlessly useful.

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There’s a lot to do when it comes to helping your clients buy or sell a home. You’re providing the best service possible when you use quality packing materials and moving supplies for real estate agents. We’re confident The Packaging Company is helping you put your best foot forward.