The Benefits Of Using A Tape Dispenser

Tape dispensers are used across the world, especially in industry and packaging. Eliminating the need to manually measure and cut the tape itself, tape dispensers improve efficiency across the assembly, manufacturing, and packaging lines, saving companies both time and money. It is important, especially for a growing business, to know about the benefits of using dispensers.

Types Of Tape Dispensers

There are many different types of tape dispensers out there, all with their own benefits and serving different functions.

Hand-held packing tape dispenser: Like any hand-held model, these dispensers are easy to use and save time and effort when packing boxes with most tapes.

Pistol grip tape dispenser: Perfect for wider rolls of tape, this type of dispenser can fit tape up to 2’’ wide.

Carton sealing tape dispenser: Made from high-impact plastic and steel, these dispensers use heat-treated blades and a roll-on mechanism to make sealing packages easy.

Definite length tape dispenser: For more accurately measured tape, this high-tech desktop dispenser comes fully equipped with controls, and can dispense two different rolls at once.

Semi-automatic tape applicator: Being the one of the most advanced models out of all tape dispensers, this semi-automatic machine can seal up to 40 boxes per minute.

You can purchase variations of the tape dispensers above as well. When choosing between dispensers, establish your price range, intended function, and volume of dispenser requirements.

Why Should I Use A Tape Dispenser?

There are many advantages to using a tape dispenser over a regular roll of tape. Here are some of the benefits to consider:

Increased Packaging Speed

With a tape dispenser, you will be able to get through a higher volume of packages in a shorter amount of time. Regardless of whether you use a hand-held dispenser or a semi-automatic one, tape dispensers are far more efficient when it comes to packaging.

Reduced Product Waste

Anyone who has used a standard roll of tape and a pair of scissors knows how much product waste is created. Cutting tape by hand can lead to it folding over or losing its adhesive properties, which means it has to be thrown away. Tape dispensers reduce this waste which is incredibly important for a business with a high volume of packaging.


Taping by hand leaves room for human error. Regardless of how good the employee is, they won’t physically be able to tape a box perfectly and consistently every single time. Tape dispensers reduce the number of discrepancies with the packaging, with the more high-end models ensuring complete consistency every time.

Get High-Quality, Affordable Tape Dispensers For Your Business

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