The Benefits Of Using Multi-Depth Boxes

If you are an eCommerce business or a company that engages in a lot of shipping, then packaging will undoubtedly be a huge part of your daily operations and one of your major expenses. Additionally, the packaging solutions you use will have a huge impact on your customers.

Businesses of any size need to make smart decisions surrounding their packaging solutions, which can be difficult for companies that ship a wide variety of different-sized products. You may never be able to have the right number of exact size boxes on hand, leading many companies to bulk buy the largest size and make do. This is not an efficient solution, which is why multi-depth boxes are a great option for any business.

Multi-depth boxes have creases along their sides that allow you to cut them at the height you require and fold them down, effectively providing a custom-sized box in seconds. Here are some of the many benefits of utilizing these types of boxes:

They Minimize Storage Needs

Boxes need to be stored, and if you’re using many different sized boxes, they need to be organized and each stored in their own place. Multi-depth boxes ship flat, already saving your warehouses or offices lots of space. Also, they all provide the potential for customized sizing and they can be stored together, saving time employees spend finding the perfect size.

With a single style of box replacing the need for multiple others, you streamline your ordering, storing, and packaging to become more efficient than ever. Furthermore, new employees won’t need as much training on which boxes they need for what function, saving you time and money on training costs and induction periods.

They Minimize Packaging Costs

When a box is not the right size (as often happens when companies either run out or do not account for a certain size of product), businesses will often use solutions such as void fill to fill out the space and keep the product safe. Not only will multi-depth boxes keep the product tight and secure for the customer, but they will also minimize the money you spend filling the empty space.

Additionally, you will be able to fit more packages into each truck you send out, reducing the number of trips or drivers which consequently reduces the amount you have to spend shipping out products. Furthermore, some transportation companies and drivers charge based on package size – another cost you can keep down with multi-depth boxes.

Multi-Depth Boxes Are Recyclable

It seems the world is finally in agreement that we should be doing our part for the planet, and many fingers are being pointed at companies that use excessive packaging. Not only do multi-depth boxes reduce the amount of wasted cardboard, but they also reduce the need for void filler. These boxes are completely recyclable, whereas not all space-filling solutions are.

With everyone trying to reduce their plastic usage, multi-depth boxes are great as they allow you to avoid using things like bubble wrap. Ultimately, by ensuring you use as little material as possible and that everything you use is recyclable, you leave a good impression and image with your customers as a company that is economically and environmentally friendly.

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