Many people may assume that packaging is just packaging and that it has no other function than to package products; this could not be further from the truth. In reality, there are numerous differences between e-commerce packaging and retail packaging, both in appearance and function.

It’s important to understand the differences between the different types of packaging when determining which packaging supplies are right for your business.

E-Commerce Packaging

E-commerce packaging covers a wide spectrum of packaging solutions. When purchasing established or custom-designed packaging for your products, it’s important to know what exactly e-commerce packaging is and what it does.

What Is E-Commerce Packaging And Why Is It Used?

E-commerce packaging could also be classified as ‘exterior’ packaging. It is predominantly designed for function over aesthetics, though that’s not to say that the appearance of your exterior packaging is unimportant. E-commerce packaging is implemented for the safe transport of products; it must keep the contents safe during all kinds of travel and transport.

The primary goal of e-commerce packaging is to keep the product (or products) safe with a firm, product-specific exterior, that is weather-resistant when needed. The secondary goal of this type of packaging is to improve your brand awareness through the use of logos and slogans on things like boxes, mailers and tape.

When a product is delivered directly from you to the customer, the e-commerce packaging is the first, and potentially, only form of packaging they see. It also acts as the first experience they have with your company, meaning custom packaging could bolster or hinder their perception of your business, potentially impacting the likelihood of repeat purchases for custom packaging.

What Should I Consider When Buying E-Commerce Packaging?

When deciding on what e-commerce packaging solutions to use, there are several things you should keep in mind. First of all, you want something with a size and shape appropriate to your product to ensure less waste and secure shipping. Being environmentally friendly will also bolster public opinion of your business and make waste management easier for the customer.

By utilizing custom packaging, you can increase brand awareness. Keep in mind that this can be a great marketing opportunity as the outer packaging of any product you send will likely be seen by more people than just the customer you’re sending it to.

Retail Packaging

Retail packaging is entirely different from e-commerce packaging. While their functions may have some similarities, they are utilized in very different ways. Understanding what retail packaging is can help you capitalize on its benefits.

What Is Retail Packaging and Why Is It Used?

Retail packaging, also sometimes referred to as ‘interior’ packaging, is the final barrier between your product and the customer. This is the type of packaging most often seen in stores, enticing potential customers to pick up the product. While sometimes omitted completely when transporting a product directly to a customer, retail packaging can be used in all situations.

As retail packaging doesn’t need to be heavy-duty, weather-resistant, or otherwise equipped for long transportation, you are able to implement delicate designs on the packaging. Unlike e-commerce packaging, the primary goal of retail packaging is to be aesthetically pleasing, both for standing out to customers and increasing brand awareness.

What Should I Consider When Buying Retail Packaging?

Retail packaging requires more aesthetic design considerations than e-commerce packaging. You almost certainly want to utilize custom solutions that are fully fleshed out with designs and logos, that stand out to any would-be-buyer.

Displaying your product clearly should be a key objective when designing your retail packaging, as you want your customers to know exactly what they’re getting before they open it. Methods for this include a detailed product description on the back, an accurate picture of the product, and potentially a transparent section where the product is directly visible.

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