Eco-friendly packaging is a great option, for individuals and businesses alike, but especially the latter. It ensures that your purchases, and any waste that comes from them, won’t impact the sustainability of the planet. However, it’s important to know exactly what constitutes as eco-friendly packaging, and the options that you have available to you.

What Is Recyclable Packaging?

Recyclable packaging is any packaging made of materials that could be recycled and used again. It’s easy to dispose of, whether that means simply putting it in your designated blue recycling garbage bin or taking it to a recycling unit.

Many, if not all, types of metals are recyclable, as are any paper and card-based products that don’t contain adhesives. Glass is fully recyclable also as long as it’s empty. Many plastic manufacturers have also begun to create recyclable materials, so an increasing number of plastics are becoming fully recyclable.

You should always check to ensure that everything you’re disposing of as recycling is made up of 100% recyclable materials. While many boxes may be made of card, and thus predominantly recyclable, some use multiple layers which are joined by adhesive substances, which sometimes, aren’t eco-friendly.

What Is Compostable Packaging?

Many materials which would not naturally break down on their own can still be composted as a method of disposal. Compostable packaging is packaging made from a material which, when under the right conditions, will break down. These conditions normally involve a compost heap or something similar and should be tended to properly.

Organisms within the compost pile eat away at the materials you’re composting, breaking them down and destroying them while simultaneously improving the quality of the compost itself. Compostable materials include anything organic which, luckily in the case of packaging, includes byproducts of trees such as wood, card, and paper.

In order to compost packaging, you simply need to break down or shred any wood, card, or plastic you intend to get rid of. By adding the prepared material to the compost pile, the process will begin, and over time, the packaging will be decomposed. This can be a more profitable alternative to recycling, as you’re left with rich and vibrant compost which can be sold on to gardeners and farmers alike.

What Is Biodegradable Packaging?

Unlike composting, biodegradable material doesn’t require compost or such special conditions in order for the materials to break down and biodegrade. Instead, natural bacteria and fungi break apart the materials, as long as they have a mixture of heat and moisture.

When it comes to packaging products, everything that’s compostable is also biodegradable, so any wood, card, or paper you need to dispose of will eventually biodegrade. Additionally, certain eco-plastics, particularly thin material, will biodegrade over time. This means that any of that material not recycled or composted will still not cause long-term damage to the environment.

The drawback of using biodegrading as a method for the disposing of packaging materials is that it takes an indeterminable amount of time. However, it’s still a good idea to use these materials to ensure that, even if they’re not disposed of via the other mediums, they’re still technically eco-friendly.

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