The Importance of Properly Packaging Holiday Products For Shipping

Nothing sends packages whizzing around the globe like the holiday season.

Yet this is also the time of year when many disappointed customers receive goods that have been poorly packaged. That leads to disappointment, stress, and often anger towards the sender, which is hardly ideal for your business.

Here’s our look at the importance of properly packaging holiday products for shipping.

The Importance of Packaging

There are many good reasons to ensure you provide proper packaging for your products, and they’re twice as important over the holiday season.

Receiving a damaged product is never a pleasant experience, but it’s far worse when dealing with time-sensitive packages like holiday gifts. Your customers may not have time to replace the package and you’ll be adding another stressor to their life during a busy time. It’s not surprising that many of those customers won’t bother to come back.

In turn, that hurts your brand image, as word will soon spread about your poor packaging.
This could also harm your profits.

Not only will a dented reputation lead to fewer sales, but you’ll also need to spend valuable time and money fixing problems.

Yet these are all problems that you can prevent with safe packaging solutions.

How to Protect Your Packages

If you’re looking for holiday packaging tips, look no further. Here’s how to protect your packages.

Check Package Requirements

One common mistake is to approach product packaging as a one-size-fits-all scenario. Different products have different packaging needs, so the first step is always to evaluate the needs of each product. In theory, you should have a complete list of suitable packaging by product for everything you sell.

Some products are better suited to box packaging, for instance, while others might suit a mailer or a tube, even heavier items might need stronger tape.

Assess Fragility

Naturally, some products are more fragile than others, which should shape your packaging decisions. Products that are easily damaged need void-fill solutions like bubble wrap and other cushioning material to keep them snug and protected in their package.

For high-value fragile items, you need to be meticulous with your packaging. Even the gentlest courier service can’t guarantee that it won’t jostle your package in transit.

Ensure the Right Fit

Finally, many packaging problems trace back to a single cause: A failure to ensure the product fits the package.

Too much space and the product will be free to move around in the package, potentially causing damage. Too little, and the product will have no protection. Even a hardy product can come out damaged when you fail to size it to the packaging.

Ensure you choose the right size package for the job and fill void space with the appropriate packing material. This will keep the package safer during transit.

Looking to Ship Holiday Gifts This Season?

If you’re thinking about shipping gifts this season, then you’ll want to pay special attention to packaging holiday products the right way. At The Packaging Company, we’re committed to quality affordable packaging solutions, so be sure to check our knowledge center for more packaging expertise.