The Key To Wrapping Oddly Shaped Gifts At Christmas

When it comes to wrapping oddly shaped items for Christmas, getting the correct wrapping or packaging can sometimes be tricky. Without a simple, easy to work with shape such as a box, it is not uncommon for wrapping paper to crease, rip or just look a little funny overall.

Luckily, The Packaging Company has everything you need for packaging and wrapping an oddly shaped Christmas gift. Here are a few tips on how you can package or wrap gifts that may not fit the traditional way of wrapping:

1. Christmas Packaging Without a Box

Are you wrapping a gift that does not come packaged in its own convenient little box? Or does the packaging not have exact or straight dimensions? Here is one way you can wrap an oddly shaped gift.

What you need:


  1. On all sides, cut the paper two to three inches bigger than your item.
  2. Form a tube by wrapping the gift in the paper. Seal the edges with tape.
  3. Fold one end of the tube flat, then fold over the edge again to hide it. Fasten the flap with a small piece of double-sided tape.
  4. Step 3 is repeated on the other end.
  5. Puncture the ends with a hole punch. At least two holes are needed per side, but if the item is larger, you can use more.
  6. Pass a ribbon through each hole. Make it look nice by tying a bow!

2: Use Cylinders For Small Items

Some oddly shaped gifts, like bottles of perfume or even small toy cars, won’t have an obvious edge for the traditional way of wrapping.

For these types of gifts, mailing tubes are the perfect solution. Simply find the appropriately sized mailing tube and slide your gift inside. They can even be filled with festive Christmas crinkle paper to protect the item from damage while inside. Mailing tubes are also a great way to wrap and protect gift items such as posters, cups, ornaments and other fragile items.

3: Tissue Paper In Place of Wrapping Paper

Some gifts have awkward shapes and wrapping paper can bend around edges in unflattering ways. In these circumstances, tissue paper is a great alternative that has more flexibility than standard wrapping paper.

Tissue paper is great for small gifts that don’t need a lot of material and may crease oddly with standard thicker wrapping paper. Simply wrap the item in tissue paper and consider double or triple up on layers if needed. The Packaging Company sells a wide selection of colored tissue paper that is perfect for the holidays.

4: Use Gift Boxes with Lids

Boxes with lids can work great for gifts that cannot be wrapped in a traditional manner. Simply place some filler material such as tissue paper or crinkle paper and place your gift inside. Place the lid and wrap with Christmas wrapping paper as you normally would.

The rectangular box can be easily wrapped and adorned with a bow or ribbon if it is plain, making it a great alternative. The Packaging Company offers a huge variety of gift boxes that are perfect for the holiday season!

5: Place in Festive Bags

At times, using the simplest method can often be the best. Many oddly shaped gifts that don’t make sense to wrap are the perfect candidate for a festive Christmas gift bag topped with tissue paper and ribbons.

Gift bags are simple, fast, yet effective when it comes to wrapping oddly shaped gifts. The Packaging Company offers a wide variety of colored and plain paper gift bags at an affordable price!

Are You Looking For Packaging Solutions This Holiday?

To protect your gifts from potential damages this holiday season, ensure that you are wrapping and packaging your presents in an effective, safe and fun way! The Packaging Company offers a variety of fun, affordable packaging and wrapping solutions for your holiday Christmas gifts. Browse our wide selection of packaging materials and place your order today!