You know just how much we love packaging here at The Packaging Company. Our whole reason for being is to ensure all businesses—no matter how small or how niche their offerings may be—can get access to the quality packaging supplies they deserve.

A customer’s needs might be as straightforward as a regular slotted carton (and some bubble to fill it). Or they might be as unique as colour boxes, custom packing tape and printed tissue paper. Either way, we offer both stock packaging options to get the job done, and a suite of online packaging design tools to create custom branded packaging that’ll make your business look unlike anyone else’s.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded an exclusive license to use one of the most industry-famous packaging slogans out there. Now and always, we’re Your E-Commerce Partner, dedicated to giving your business access to the packaging that completes its e-commerce strategy. And with this latest win—thanks to slogan-owner Crownhill Packaging—we’re able to say it even more proudly: Packaging Solutions Start Here®.

Packaging Solutions Start Here®

We could go on, but let’s have a couple of in-the-know people say it best:

“We’re proud, humbled and honoured to be unanimously selected to enter into this agreement with Crownhill Packaging. Each and every day, we strive to ensure that TPC’s value propositions help further the functionality and multitude of solutions packaging provides to the marketplace.”

– Olivia Pietersen, E-Commerce Business Manager of The Packaging Company

“Ultimately, we collectively agreed that the organization we felt best epitomized our trademarked slogan from an overall perspective was The Packaging Company.”

– Ken Wong, Vice President of Crownhill Packaging

You can read more about this exciting development in our Newswire press release.

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