Every February, America and Canada celebrate Black History Month. It’s an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Black culture and explore its history and achievements. It also affords communities (like the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada) the chance to showcase the numerous cultural and economic contributions of its Black citizens. These contributions make the community a more interesting, prosperous and compassionate one.

This year, the City of Brampton and Experience Brampton (their local government and events organization, respectively) faced a challenge: how do you celebrate Black History Month with a community in lockdown?

Opting for online-based events, much like other organizations had done successfully during the past year, would allow the month to unfold while keeping every safe at home. But that raises a challenge of its own: how do you encourage engagement with an audience on the other side of the screen?

The Black History Month Experience Box emerged from that challenge.

Bringing together the goals and intentions that City of Brampton set out for Black History Month, it’s an inventive and memorable solution. It adds an interactive and elevated experience to what’s largely a virtual festival. It’s a lovely showcase of Black culture. It brings together local organizations and Black-owned businesses. And it’s also a beautiful piece of packaging.

Using our custom boxes designer, City of Brampton uploaded high-resolution artwork and placed it exactly as they wanted it on the box dieline. From there, we digitally printed, scored and cut the boxes, bringing the striking and colorful creation to life.

The BHM Experience Box begins with the box itself—a front lock mailer box whose opening style creates an unboxing experience that recipients aren’t likely to forget. The outside is adorned with a gorgeous piece of artwork created by local artist Vanessa Lewis, featuring a rich color palette of red, green and yellow alongside illustrations of Black culture and family values.

The Black History Month Experience Box and its Contents

Once opened, a brilliant mix of matching red, green, yellow and black crinkle greets the eyes, with an attractive assortment of goods nestled in the tactile fill. Showcasing items from Black-owned businesses, it’s a collection that highlights health, self-care and safe interaction with family:

Near the month’s end, it’ll be revealed live on stage during one of Black History Month’s closing events. Created as a limited-edition item, the box is available to the first 50 participants who donate $20 or more to the Roots Community Services Organization.

As you can see, the BHM Experience Box is a great summation of the City of Brampton’s efforts to find an inventive and interactive way to celebrate Black History Month during the pandemic lockdown. And it’s a great example of how imagination and vision, artwork and talent, and smart packaging choices can come together to create an unforgettable unboxing experience.

The Black History Month Experience Box on Display

You can create your own using the custom box designers available in the Custom Shop. With two different ways to design your own boxes, each featuring three different box styles, entering the word of custom packaging is so much easier than you might think.

Here at TPC, we’re thrilled our digital printing capabilities were part of bringing the Black History Month Experience Box to fruition. We love packaging design and being able to showcase brilliant versions of it through our TPC Stories. Here’s to seeing plenty of thoughtful, appreciative and gorgeous packaging in the future—hopefully, packaging designed by you.