Imagine excitedly waiting for a treasure to arrive. It’s something you’ve eyed for what seems like forever, and the waiting is almost torture. Then one day it finally shows, you open the box with excited abandon, and are greeted by the sight of shipping damage. That’s exactly what happened to Cody Horror, owner of Killer Toyz—the focus of this TPC Stories.

After saving for what also seemed like forever, Cody ordered a Friday the 13th action figure and eagerly awaited its arrival. When it finally showed at his doorstep, Cody was thrilled and opened the box like it was Christmas morning. Near instantly, the protective bubble fell off the card back, spilling the action figure and its accessories everywhere. There was no protective packaging material anywhere in sight.

To say he was disappointed was something of an understatement. Bummed, as Cody puts it.

But like every good collector, Cody wasn’t going to let that harm his love of collecting. He kept ordering, and every time he found every box would be different.

TPC Stories: Killer Toyz

“Every I box that I got was packaged differently. Some were okay, some were really bad. That’s when I realized that packaging is really important.”

When Cody began what would eventually turn into Killer Toyz, he resolved to never let another collector go through that disappointment and frustration again.

Starting with selling one figure at a time, Cody gradually grew his love of horror and sci-fi collectibles into a bona fide success, christening it Killer Toyz. Soon, he garnered enough attention that collectors the world over were vying for his collectibles, and Cody knew he’d need to be extra sure his figures wouldn’t be damaged on long trips overseas. After all, collectors (rightfully) expect their orders in mint condition, and he’d vowed to let no one be disappointed ever again.

On the hunt for the packaging materials worthy of his business and his customers, Cody found The Packaging Company. Several members of our team are (almost!) as big fans of horror and sci fi as Cody is, so we were thrilled to help him on his mission.

Shipping collectibles presents its own set of packaging challenges, as Cody needed boxes that would restrict movement while also not crushing figures and their packaging while inside. Taking advantage of our packaging expertise and Cody’s expertise on collectors and collectibles, we found the right packaging solution.

TPC Stories: Killer Toyz

“The Packaging Company’s customer service is great. They work with you-step by-step for sizes, colours, designs—everything you need in a box company.”

Our customer service worked closely with Cody, finding out exactly what collectors would expect and what he wanted the packaging of Killer Toyz to convey. Our expertise on packaging and his expertise on collectors came together to find the right packaging solution.

We’re glad to help specialized and small businesses like Killer Toyz make sure their products are secure, their shipments strong, and their brands well-represented. If your business needs a smart packaging solution, we’d be more than happy to help. We’re The Packaging Company and we’re your e-commerce partner.

Thanks for loving packaging as much as we do, Killer Toyz. And thanks for being a part of TPC Stories.