When your business concentrates on a specific set of products for a specific set of consumers, an interesting thing happens. You quickly learn that your packaging choices are even more important than you expect—and that your understanding of your products makes those packaging choices easier than you expect. Kim Wharin, owner of The Tack Shoppe, recognized where her packaging strategy could improve and seized upon the opportunity.

Located in Collingwood, north of Toronto, The Tack Shoppe specializes in equestrian equipment, supplies and fashion. Whether you’re looking for halters and bridles, riding pants and boots, or just some solid advice, you’ll find it, thanks to their friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. That breadth of knowledge and pride extends not only into their online store, but their shipping packaging as well.

The Tack Shoppe: Kim

“For packaging, I started just using boxes that I had and realized that was not okay.”

At first, Kim relied on boxes she had on-hand for her shipping needs. And while they did the job just fine, they weren’t satisfying the vision she had for her business. Sizes weren’t precise, appearances weren’t uniform, and shipping costs weren’t as manageable as they could be.

We worked together with Kim to find the box sizes and styles that fit both her brand and her products. It was important to ensure that sensitive equestrian equipment wasn’t cramped during its travels, while quality fashion pieces weren’t left to simply slide around.

The Tack Shoppe also ships worldwide, having customers in places as unexpected as Dubai. That means any packaging choices made must reflect longer travel times and varying climates. With the solution developed for The Tack Shoppe—including poly bubble mailers and easy fold mailers—its packaging choices now match Kim’s vision.

The Tack Shoppe: Packaging

“We actually really enjoy packaging up each product. We take a lot of pride.”

The pride TTS has in their customer service and their products is reflected in their packing efforts. Equipment and clothing are carefully positioned, often wrapped in soft, quality tissue paper that protects them from cosmetic harm. A classy, regal-looking Tack Shoppe sticker adorns wrapped packages, and a printed insert sits atop a customer order, waiting to thank them for their patronage.

We’re glad to help specialized businesses like The Tack Shoppe keep their products safe and their brand protected. Packaging, whether standard or custom, truly is a passion for us. If your business needs a packaging solution that lowers costs while serving your brand, be sure to get in touch. We’re The Packaging Company and we’re happy to be your e-commerce partner.

Thanks for loving packaging as much as we do, Kim. And thanks for having The Tack Shoppe be a part of TPC Stories.