You’ve done the research. You’ve finished development. You’ve got the product in your hands. Now all you need is the perfect box to package it in.

But it’s worthy of more than just a brown box, isn’t it? It’s got personality, it’s got looks. Its packaging should have the very same. So why not make a great impression? Use a custom box.

In today’s world of online shopping and home delivery, how your product arrives says a lot about it and you. A custom box can be the perfect blend of shipping strength and attractive packaging.

Imagine your product delivered to a doorstep damage-free and singing, “Open me!”

Move from a brown box to a more colorful unboxing. Customize the perfect box with these TPC tips.

Give it some Style

Thankfully, that brown box isn’t your only choice anymore. Get that packaging working for you by giving it the same personality your product has. Make an impression that lasts and make it impossible not to open that package.

What’s the best way to do that? Have some fun with box style.

Front-lock Mailers (FLM) open from the front just like gift boxes for clothing. They’re an incredible way to display your product as the lid swings up. All that’s missing are the victory trumpets!

Cut-out Wraps (COW) fold up and surround their contents. It’s like opening a gift on Christmas morning as all four flaps unfold and show off your product front and center.

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC) may be the standard, but that’s for a reason. There’s nothing like the anticipation of receiving a clean, closed box. You know there’s something good inside.

Size it Right

It may be said a lot, but it really is true. Size matters.

So why choose the right sized box?

You’ll save on shipping. A smaller box profile simply costs less to deliver. Plus, a smaller and less cumbersome box always looks and feels better to a customer.

You’ll use less void fill. Reduce the waste and expense of using too much bubble cushioning. And customers appreciate having less material to clear away before getting to your product.

You’ll reduce the risk of damage. A smaller, better-packed box has fewer vulnerable areas. It’s more likely to reach its destination without gashes and dents. Keep a customer’s eyes on presentation and unboxing instead.

 Make it Strong Enough

You know what you’re shipping, and what you’re shipping it in. Now you need to know how much it weighs. A pleasing look and feel won’t count if the box walls or seams buckle.

If you’re shipping a smaller product, then single wall corrugate will do. If it’s bigger and needs the support, double wall corrugate is a safe bet. With the right custom box, you won’t have to sacrifice strength for looks, or vice versa.

Bless it with Color

And now, for everyone’s favorite part.

Nothing makes a box stand out like a big splash of color. Whether it’s bright neon pink or a deep and rich blue, it’s going to make a big impression.

But don’t just stop with the outside of your box. Considering using color inside too. It’s always exciting to receive a box that isn’t the standard brown. But imagine opening it to find a stunning yellow or a vibrant red inside. Try forgetting that box anytime soon!

Using your brand colors is a smart and effective way to make your packaging unique. It costs less than printing your logo, and color announces itself faster than any icon can.

Custom boxes have opened up a world of options for making your products stand out. Finding a better box style, choosing a smarter box size, and using a dash of color all contribute to nearly limitless choice.

The Packaging Company is your e-commerce partner and we’re committed to helping you create the right packaging for your products. Our custom box shop can help you create a box totally unique to you.

Let’s customize the perfect box together.