It’s been really exciting around here lately. We recently launched plenty of new offerings in our custom packaging shop, including water activated packing tape, glossy poly mailers and printed label rolls. We were also awarded the exclusive licensing rights to a super smart, industry-famous packaging slogan. And, of course, the good weather has finally rolled into town.

But there’s one more thing that’s got us feeling good, too. We’re the proud new owners of two award statues from the 2019 Telly Awards. It’s time to break out the sparkling water—you should join us!

2019 Telly Awards: Bronze and Silver Statues

The first statue is for our customer-focused video series, TPC Stories. Awarded bronze in the business-to-business category, these videos showcase how the right packaging choices have helped our customers improve their shipping packaging and their branding.

The second statue is for our What is the Fritz™ Water Vest? video. Awarded silver in the cause marketing campaign category, it details how a brilliant creation—born of progressive packaging technology—can help improve lives in developing countries and impoverished areas. It’s also a cause TPC is happy to support.

“We strongly believe in the role packaging plays in the success of our customers’ businesses, and the stories it enables us to tell through video. It’s gratifying to be recognized by the judges of such prestigious awards.”

– Olivia Pietersen, E-Commerce Business Manager of The Packaging Company

The Telly Awards recognize exceptional video and television, and we’re honoured to have been among this year’s group of winners. We’re also thankful to our customers for their patronage and support. You’re the reason we do what we do. We’re your e-commerce partner, and we’re glad to be here.

Check out our Newswire press release for plenty more on these cool new statues.

2019 Telly Awards: Statue Bases