We’re big fans of eco-friendly packaging here at TPC. In fact, it once took us a two-part blog to explore some of the best eco-friendly options we have on our site (check out part one and part two!). We’ve added some great packaging to our site since then, and quite a few of them seem to be striking a chord with our customers. Here’s our list of TPC’s 5 current eco-friendly packaging favorites that have everyone around here excited.

Custom Packing Tape

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Custom Packing Tape

Custom water activated tape is a great way to brand your customer orders while keeping more packaging from entering the landfills. Our high-quality printing will make your logos, graphics and colors stand out from the crowd during delivery. While the paper-based material, water-based adhesive and fiberglass reinforcement of our custom tape means it (and the box it’s on) can go into the recycling bin with no need to remove or separate things.

Eco-Friendly Mailers

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Eco-Friendly Mailers

These eco-friendly mailers are complete winners (so much so that we’re showcasing them again). Using paper that’s either recycled or comes from sustainable sources, these mailers not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. And options like paper color (kraft or white), reinforcement and gusseting means they’re just as strong and functional as other mixed mailers.

They’re also prime canvases for custom printing. Just reach out to us and we’ll get you started!

Custom Tissue Paper

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Custom Tissue Paper

Our custom tissue paper isn’t just recyclable—the techniques used to make and print it are eco-friendly, too. Using sustainable sources to minimize environmental impact, its pulp material is infused in water, creating an acid-, lignin- and sulfur-free paper that’s easier to break down later. It’s printed using soy-based inks that are not only eco-friendlier than their petroleum-based cousins, but provide more accurate printing colors. Gorgeous and eco-friendly. What a combo.

Chipboard Boxes & Containers

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Chipboard Containers

Chipboard containers are a solid choice for product packaging, presentation, and environmental consideration. Made from paper pulp that’s been compressed for strength, their walls provide great structure and protection for what’s inside.

Their base forms (typically either a two-part top and bottom, or a folding design that makes them easy to assemble) mean they’re ideal for unboxing and display purposes. And when you’re ready to ship them, a mailer envelope is usually all you need to protect them.

This simple blend of materials and construction style means that once you and your customers are done with a chipboard container, it can head straight into a nearby recycling bin.

Custom Label Rolls

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Custom Label Rolls

Branding your packaging is essential in the age of e-commerce. Your business needs to take any chance it came to show itself off and stand out from the competition. But creating an entire suite of custom packaging can be outside the constraints of your budget, which is where custom label rolls can benefit you greatly. It’s custom branded packaging without a costly hit to your bottom line.

Printed on vinyl, adhered to a paper backing and wrapped around a solid inner core, custom label rolls are entirely recyclable. And provided the eco-friendly packaging they’re placed on is free of plastic tape or film, both the packaging and the custom label can end up in the recycling bin together.

If you’re looking to better manage your environmental footprint, there’s no better way than with eco-friendly packaging supplies. And if you’re looking for custom branded packaging, be sure to check out our online packaging designers—you’ll look good while caring for the environment, too.

Have you got a current eco-friendly packaging favorite (or favorites)? We’d love to hear from you.